Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality launches the Food Watch digital platform at the opening ceremony of 11th Dubai International Food Safety Conference on Sunday. Image Credit: Sajila Saseendran/ Gulf News

Dubai: When the app under the newly-launched Food Watch digital platform of Dubai becomes available, consumers will be able to see all details about the eateries and the types of food they offer.

These details include nutritional information of the items and details of allergens. This will help consumers choose food items according to their dietary preferences, said Noura Al Shamsi, Head of Applied Nutrition and Permits Section at the Food Safety Department.

“All allergen aspects will be included in the programme. If consumers have any particular dietary choices or allergies, they can choose the food accordingly.”

“You can look for specific types of restaurants based on your food choices … Consumers can find restaurants with accessibility for disabled people.”

“You can see what your kids are eating in the school canteens since the catering company will be updating these details on the system.”

The system will also help consumers quickly identify eateries offering healthy food verified by the department. “The companies which are permitted under our ‘Eat Healthy Live Healthy’ initiative, whose health and nutritional claims are verified, will be identified in the app.”

Describing how the food tracking will work on the digital platform, Al Shamsi said: “For example, if one shipment of salmon is coming from Norway, all the details about it will be recorded from the beginning.”

“We will know the exact number of fish. We can monitor the temperature control and the moisture level throughout the journey to Dubai port. We will know the variations if someone opened the container and closed it later.”

Through the interface for the food establishments, the management will know details of suppliers and the food products they supply. Details of all the food handlers and the timing of their shifts will also be recorded.

“All these will help the person-in-charge to monitor food safety and keep track of the business.”

“This way, traceability will be achieved till the product reaches the consumer — that is from farm to fork.”

The Food Watch platform will also integrate the electronic systems for the food import and registration under the department, the grading system for food establishments and the data for the UAE Food Bank branches under Dubai Municipality.