Video Credit: agnc3 by Gulf News

Viral respiratory infections are a persistent health threat, with some surging during the winter months and others remaining a concern year-round. The impact of such illnesses extends far beyond the individual, affecting families and communities alike.

It is essential to recognise that specific segments of the population are at a heightened risk of experiencing severe complications from viral respiratory infections, particularly those individuals with pre-existing chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Given the prevalence of these conditions, the need for proactive measures is paramount.

Know Plan Go empowers communities to make informed decisions, promotes early detection and treatment, and ultimately saves lives.

- Dr Nadine Tarcha, Pfizer’s Gulf Medical Director

In this context, Gulf News is launching Know Plan Go, an interesting eight-part podcast series focusing on protection from viral respiratory diseases. Developed in partnership with Pfizer and hosted by Lachlan Kitchen, this series serves as a vital resource to enhance public awareness and understanding of the connection between viral respiratory infections and pre-existing chronic conditions.

Dr Nadine Tarcha, Pfizer’s Gulf Medical Director, said: “By shedding light on the importance of raising awareness for viral respiratory diseases in Gulf countries, this podcast series equips individuals with knowledge about transmission risks, symptoms, and prevention strategies. Know Plan Go empowers communities to make informed decisions, promotes early detection and treatment, and ultimately saves lives. Together, we can create a healthier and more resilient community.”

"Podcasts have emerged as a vital platform for spreading awareness because they offer something truly unique – the power of spoken words combined with the convenience of on-demand access," said David George, Publisher agnc3 at Gulf News, the in-house content creation agency that worked on the podcast alongside Pfizer.

"In an increasingly fast-paced world, people can now consume critical information while multitasking or during their daily commute. This accessibility and intimacy make podcasts an essential medium for raising awareness, bridging knowledge gaps, and sparking meaningful conversations on issues that matter."

The podcasts vertical, a recent venture for the region’s leading English newspaper, has turned out to be a resounding success, with impressive levels of audience engagement, having worked with global clients such as Novartis and Microsoft.

Gulf News launched its first-ever commercial podcast, MS Talks - Keep Moving Forward, an in-depth five-part series on multiple sclerosis in partnership with Novartis in 2022.