Image Credit: Courtesy: DM

Dubai: Can Cheetos chips in spicy flavours cause stomach inflammation and gastritis? Reports surrounding this rumour have been rebutted by Dubai Municipality.

On Monday the civic body issued an announcement “in response to the articles and photos published recently on social media saying that consuming Cheetos chips causes stomach inflammation and corrosive gastritis due to the effect of the pH imbalance from the added spices to the chips.”

The Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality clarifies to the public that these rumours are not based on scientific studies or accredited resources, the announcement posted on the social media channels of the civic body stated.

“This article was published in 2013 and it’s shared on social media frequently,” the municipality pointed out on a post on Instagram.

“…Cheetos chips product in the UAE is imported from different countries, and differs in spices temperature,” it said.

“Spicy Cheetos chips follows the UAE and Gulf standards number UAE.S GSO 2272 : 2012 specified for snacks, and it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients for human health,” the authority confirmed.

All food products in the market are monitored by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality during manufacture, importing or trading, to ensure the compliance with technical regulations, specifications and accredited laws and legislation, it added.

The announcement was done through the municipality’s service called ‘Verified News’ which checks the veracity of rumours and unconfirmed reports floating around on social networking sites.