Dr Misho Ravic, Group Founder and Managing Partner

You founded Dubai London Hospital Group in 1987. What would you consider as your greatest milestones?

We are, indeed, one of the earliest healthcare facilities in the country and I believe a part of our key contributions to the industry as a whole is setting the high medical standards that we all enjoy today from a very nascent period. We believe that we can only truly rise by lifting each other. In this field, when you raise the bar, practitioners are normally eager to elevate how they operate too and learn as fast as possible while patients build stronger confidence in the people and the technology available to them. It becomes a healthier ecosystem.

We are proud that over the years, with the hard work of our team, Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital has acquired two accreditations under its belt from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) and the Joint Commission International (JCI), guaranteeing its dedication towards adhering to international gold standards. We also strictly comply with Dubai Health Authority parameters, overall assuring our patients that they are always in good hands.

After successfully running clinics across Dubai, what made you decide to open this new hospital?

There are two major factors behind our decision to expand our portfolio and to open our new hospital, Dubai London Hospital. First is to continue serving the needs of our loyal patients. We have been operating humbly from our clinics and speciality hospital, always with the same level of personalised, premium, and patient-centric healthcare that we are known for. And that naturally garnered a loyal following that continues to grow and stay with us from one generation to the other. It makes us particularly happy when our patients come with their children and grandchildren. As their needs expand, we want to be able to continue serving them in a facility that is still familiar - a bespoke community hospital, where they’ll feel quite at home, safe and surrounded by people who know them and care for them.

The second factor is our alignment with the UAE health authorities’ positioning of the country as a major force for medical tourism. Our team has impeccable credentials in advanced across-the-board healthcare and they are equipped with the latest technology in this new facility. These include a first-of-its-kind deep learning reconstruction technology MRI software, Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ (AiCE), and the most advanced X-Ray system today, the DRX Compass. Both the advanced MRI and X-Ray machines aim to provide outstanding clinical performance, shorter examination times, quicker diagnosis, and a more comfortable experience for patients.

What would you say was the most challenging part of building this new hospital?

We officially broke ground on December 1, 2020. Aside from the usual construction challenges, it was honestly a very bold move for us to start building in the middle of a pandemic. But our team is determined and we followed strict parameters from all authorities so this hospital was constructed with tremendous effort and commitment from all and for that I am extremely grateful. In 14 months, we were able to finish the project and operate within a few days from completion. This is a testament to our meticulous compliance and a badge of honour that we are now even more prepared to translate into our services for our patients and our community.

There are so many healthcare providers in the city. What sets Dubai London Hospital Group apart?

Compassion. We have always been community-centric and that means we have naturally built a stronger bond with our patients and their loved ones. We have never just functioned as a place where they get treated, we are there for them to look after their wellness first and foremost. In this new hospital, we are given the opportunity to welcome more but that spirit of service and genuine care that moves us to always improve will remain true across all our facilities.

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