The American Hospital Dubai team at the launch of its Digital Channel at Arab Health 2023 Image Credit: Supplied

American Hospital Dubai has launched its digital health information channel at Arab Health, the leading platform for the global healthcare industry.

Ushering in a new era in healthcare information, the digital channel is a one-stop shop for knowledge and advice on healthcare topics, providing answers and solutions to all health and wellness concerns on a super-friendly digital platform.

Led by American Hospital Dubai’s internationally certified doctors and specialists, the digital channel will provide expert advice, in-depth insights, and healthy lifestyle tips, along with emerging healthcare developments, technologies, treatments and breakthroughs.

The American Hospital Digital Channel is the largest health assembly created by media, digital and medical experts offering the highest quality health information. On behalf of RGB Corporation, the project executor, and CCO Kamal Saleh, American Hospital Dubai launched the project after a year’s research and study of people’s healthcare information needs. A team of scriptwriters, researchers, designers and developers work round the clock to widen the horizons of health information and empower the public and the medical community in a seamless online experience.

The digital channel helps American Hospital Dubai raise the bar of its commitment to helping people live healthier lives.

The channel’s all-encompassing content includes healthy lifestyle education, guidance, tips, experts’ opinions and counselling, healthcare myths and realities, diet, nutrition and fitness, holistic health, and healthcare updates. It also offers information on medical breakthroughs, med-tech awareness, disease management, disease profiles, mental health and the latest treatments and medical technologies, such as AI and robotics.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new healthcare digital channel at Arab Health,” said Sherif Beshara, CEO of American Hospital Dubai. “We spent over a year planning and developing the channel as the definitive source of reliable, up-to-date health information. As a healthcare leader, American Hospital Dubai has always stepped up as an agent of transformation for the greater good, and our Digital Channel is invaluable for anyone looking for healthcare guidance.

“Our channel is an encyclopedia of knowledge, helping anyone learn anytime and anywhere. Just click and get empowered.”