Sherif Beshara

How does the participation of American Hospital Dubai at Arab Health align with the hospital’s overall strategic objectives?

Arab Health epitomises the endless possibilities to be an agent for healthcare transformation, and American Hospital Dubai aligns perfectly with that overall aim. We are single-minded about ushering in healthier tomorrows for all. We blend the best human skills and compassion with science and technology to be path-definers in applying medical breakthroughs and evidence-based approaches for treatment efficacy. Our presence at Arab Health year after year is a continuum of our commitment to be leaders in healthcare solutions and map new horizons of happiness and healing for humanity.

How is American Hospital Dubai leveraging innovation and technology through its participation, and what specific initiatives or advancements is the hospital showcasing at the event?

American Hospital Dubai’s synergy with technology took a head start with AI, Big Data and Digitisation, integrating them into our innovation-led treatment solutions and work processes. We set up the region’s first AI-led research centre in collaboration with Cerner in 2020 and were the first to bring the latest robotic surgical systems.

At Arab Health 2024, we will showcase our march into newer frontiers: American Hospital Medical College. This milestone project for the region, an initiative by American Hospital Dubai, is in collaboration with the prestigious Baylor Medical College in Houston, Texas. We are also expanding our medical tourism footprint into Africa and Eastern Europe, with multiple new offices across these regions. We are in lockstep with the UAE to promote medical tourism and will demonstrate this synchrony at Arab Health 2024.

Can you elaborate on the partnerships or collaborative efforts American Hospital Dubai is seeking or has established through its participation and how these alliances contribute to advancing patient-centered care?

Collaborations are accelerators and aggregators for the greater good, and American Hospital Dubai has entered into many partnerships. In the previous edition of Arab Health (2023), we signed a Landmark Strategic Partnership with Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government agency for innovation and trade, to boost healthcare innovation in the UAE. We signed a partnership with Al-Futtaim Health for the management of Al-Futtaim Health’s aesthetic clinic.

We also signed a strategic agreement with Emitac Healthcare Solutions (EHS) and Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, for the Halcyon® system for radiation therapy. We were the first private healthcare entity to bring the Halcyon system to the UAE.

How does American Hospital Dubai incorporate a patient-centered approach in its participation in Arab Health, and how does it impact the hospital’s long-term patient care strategies?

Patient-centred healthcare is a timeless urgency; American Hospital Dubai pivots on it. Our stand at Arab Health 2024 demonstrates our multiple dimensions that coalesce to perform a singular function: deliver a patient-first healthcare experience. This guiding value is the bedrock of American Hospital Dubai and will remain integrated with our growth and purpose.

Considering the significant investment and effort involved in participating in events like Arab Health, how does American Hospital Dubai measure the success and impact of its involvement, both in terms of immediate outcomes and the long-term benefits for the hospital and its stakeholders?

Measuring success and impact is about being consistent and committed; it calls for being in the immediate and staying the course.

Participating in Arab Health combines both. It is an invaluable symbiosis: we absorb the global healthcare influences, mark the pulse of the international healthcare community, and show the world who we are and what we do. It helps us be in the right place for the right reason and take the right action for the long term.