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Several categories of residents can subscribe to the new insurance option. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi will now offer flexible health insurance options to residents, following the launch of new insurance options to support investors and entrepreneurs seeking to live and work in the emirate.

The launch has been initiated by health sector regulator, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED). The options will provide insurance at low and competitive costs, with opportunities to upgrade insurance coverage if required.

According to the DoH, several categories of residents can subscribe to the new insurance option. Health insurance providers will evaluate the condition and medical record of the insured to determine whether they will accept the request for inclusion in the ‘flexible health insurance’ policy.


In a statement, the DoH said the flexible health insurance policy will benefits expatriates residing in the emirate who work in the private sector, provided that their monthly income exceeds Dh5,000. Other groups that can apply for the coverage include investors and holders of free business licenses, their families, their employees, as well as the family of the expatriate resident and workers who are not covered by health insurance from the public or private sector employers.

The DoH clarified that it has added the ‘flexible health insurance’ policy to other available options, which include basic and enhanced health insurance packages. It will provide treatment coverage up to a cost of Dh150,000 per year, as well as 100 per cent coverage for emergency treatment, and require only 20 per cent copay for the cost of all outpatient treatment services, and 30 per cent copay for medications. Policy holders can benefit from healthcare services in a network of healthcare providers in the emirate.

Companies or individuals who wish to avail of ‘flexible health insurance must contact health insurance companies when their current health insurance policy is about to expire.

“The DoH continues to update the regulations of the healthcare system in the emirate with the aim of providing world-class health services to all members of the community. The ‘flexible health insurance’ policy…was initiated with the aim of providing a health insurance package that enhances competitiveness in the sector while attracting businesses in the private sector. This is in light of what Abu Dhabi represents as a leading destination for those wishing to develop their businesses in various fields, due to its advanced infrastructure and incentive measures,” said Dr Mariam Al Mazrouei, executive director of healthcare payers sector at the DoH.

“Based on the emirate’s pioneering health insurance system, our primary goal is to ensure that all members of the community in the Emirate receive insurance coverage that enables them to obtain the healthcare services in accordance with international standards and best practices. We have been keen to provide more insurance options that suit the various requirements of individuals while enhancing competitiveness between health insurance companies and healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi, which will reflect positively on the quality of health services and consequently the health and well-being of community members,” she added.

Attracting talent

“The launch of the flexible health insurance policy further solidifies Abu Dhabi’s position on the global stage as a target destination for international talents and businesses. The Competitiveness Office of Abu Dhabi remains committed to constantly enhancing the livability in the Emirate by rolling-out initiatives that attract and retain talented cadres. Initiatives such as the flexible health insurance, eases the burden on businesses especially start-ups, as they join the business world. The new policy will reduce costs on investors and talents in the private sector whilst providing a world-class healthcare experience with the flexibility to matchmake a healthcare package based on customer needs, geographical coverage and benefits.

Since the launch of health insurance in 2005 under Abu Dhabi Law No. 23 of 2005, Abu Dhabi has been able to enhance community members’ access to healthcare services, and raise the levels of competitiveness among healthcare providers in the emirate.