Joelle Nasr and her husband with their twins. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A young woman was ecstatic to become a mother finally when she delivered twin baby boys after 13 failed in vitro fertilisation attempts.

Joelle Nasr said on Mother’s Day she wanted to share her story to infuse hope among women who are still waiting to realise their dream.

Longing to be a mum, Nasr tried in vitro fertilisation (IVF) 13 times, but was left heart-broken and shattered with no positive results. However, determined to be a parent, she continued her battle with infertility, with her wish finally being granted at the Fakih IVF Fertility Centre, Dubai.

Married for 13 years, Nasr discovered in 2005 that she was unable to conceive naturally. Her first IVF was successful but resulted in a miscarriage after 16 weeks. After that, it was a downhill journey for the next 12 years. Nasr said: “I work as a physical educator in a school and I love kids, all my summer and winter breaks were spent in fertility centres, trying to have children of my own, travelling back and forth between UAE and Lebanon with nothing more than negative results every time.”

When everything seemed to fall apart, Nasr travelled to the US to seek treatment at one of the best fertility centre there. However, when she failed there too, she almost lost hope. Finally in 2017, determined not to give up on motherhood, Nasr consulted expert fertility specialists at Fakih IVF Fertility Centre. The doctors conducted a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and concluded that the eggs retrieved had abnormalities and this was the reason for most of her IVF failures.

Dr Michael Fakih, Medical Director of Fakih IVF Fertility Centre, explained: “When our doctors realised that there were seven eggs with abnormalities, we decided to choose only the normal eggs for her cycle. We attained permission from the Ministry of Health and Prevention to freeze her embryos, as rules were different at that point of time. On receiving the approval, Nasr’s embryos were frozen and what followed next was a miracle.”

Nasr said, “My story is a true inspiration for all mothers who’ve given up hope to be one. On this important occasion of Mother’s Day, I’d personally like to encourage all women to believe in the power of medical science, which if applied accurately can change our lives forever.”

Meanwhile, Fakih IVF Fertility Centre Dubai is offering patients a 50 per cent discount on fertility packages this Mother’s Day.