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After bingeing on K-dramas on Netflix, who hasn't imagined getting together with friends at a Korean barbeque and devouring the delicious spread just like the characters do? Who hasn’t thought it would be fun to grill and share bulgogi with colleagues to alleviate the stress and strain of a week’s hard work?

Enter Al Ghurair Centre’s newly opened restaurant, Romantic Baka, where you can savour the same authentic Korean barbeque experience and more.

“It’s not just K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty and K-fashion that are growing more popular around the world these days,” says Angelo Reston, Managing Director, Romantic Baka. “Korean food is also garnering greater attention and love, and it is booming in popularity here in the UAE too.”

With a diverse, multicultural and gastronomically adventurous population, the UAE has welcomed Korean cuisine with open arms. Romantic Baka caters to this population with its unique and flavourful dishes, great ambience and distinctly Korean vibes.

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“Koreans love to grill their meat; they consider it a healthier way of cooking since it reduces fat,” explains Reston. “They also love to gather and eat together after a day’s work; a hearty meal of grilled meat became the natural choice to replenish their energy.”

For UAE foodies too, it’s become a popular pastime. “Bulgogi, or marinated thin beef slices grilled on the barbeque, is one of our best-sellers,” says Reston. “It is tender, mildly sweet and savoury. The smoky taste you get when you grill the beef makes it more flavourful. Mix sesame oil and seeds to make it nutty and dynamic. And with kimchi on top, it becomes a bomb.”

Being able to grill your meat and seafood just the way you like it right at the table and share it with friends and family makes Romantic Baka the go-to place. No wonder that the Korean Grill Set of marinated meats and sides dishes is the most popular order at the restaurant.

But Romantic Baka is not just about the grilling experience. It also offers other classic Korean fare such as tteokbokki, or simmered rice cakes, japchae, or stir-fried glass noodles, kimbap, bibimbap and fried chicken. In short, it caters to every palate.

What’s more, it’s located right on the ground floor of Al Ghurair Centre, easily accessible and perfect for an evening out.

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Reston knows that location matters and that it can give any business a push towards success. “It is as important as creating the menu, marketing the brand, and getting positive customer reviews. Al Ghurair Centre is in the heart of Dubai. It’s accessible for everyone and there is no other place best to launch our brand in the UAE than Al Ghurair Centre.”

For more than 40 years, Al Ghurair Centre has been a choice hub, providing an incredible array of shopping, dining and entertainment. It keeps innovating, adding to its mix of shops and services every now and then.

Spicing up the shopping mix soon will be Al Safeer Group’s X-pressions.

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From branded cosmetics, perfumes, fashion accessories, watches and handbags to perfumed candles, showpieces and photo frames, you will find the perfect gift for others as well as yourself at this shop.

Soon enough you will also be able to club shopping with a trip to the optometrist. Al Ghurair Centre will shortly have its own Aster Opticals, a one-stop destination for eye care solutions, with fully equipped state-of-the-art eye test facilities supported by a vast network of ophthalmologists.

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Another place to look forward to is Tommy Life - the perfect place for kids to play with their favourite toys under the supervision of caring nannies while parents get busy with shopping.

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Your children can sculpt with Play Doh, visit the LOL Doll house and travel to the Frozen Kingdom. Boys can ride Hot Wheels on tracks and trains on the railroad. It is a place where childhood dreams come true.

In addition, 

In addition, on March 11 at Al Ghurair Centre, there will be an exclusive opportunity to meet and greet Gigi de Lana and her band, Gigi Vibes, the Philippines' new gen pop rock diva, who has stormed the music scene after her version of Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita dominated the digital space with over 7 million YouTube views.

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She has since become a sought-after celebrity both on- and off-screen. She recently released her first single, Sakalam and will be performing at her first-ever sold-out live concert, 1MX in Dubai.

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