Dubai smart toilet
Dubai Municipality is testing out smart toilets in the emirate. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Public loos are soon going to become a much more pleasant experience, with air conditions and a touch screen to boot.

Dubai Municipality announced that it has started to experiment with smart toilets and so far, has installed one at Dubai’s Gold Souk.

The upgraded toilets is a far cry from the traditional ones commonly found in the city, as they promise to provide a much cleaner and odour-free experience for users.

The smart toilets will adhere to a high standard of safety and hygiene, and are also equipped with ACs and a touch-screen to display instructions in the Arabic and English languages.

The toilets will automatically self-clean with water and disinfectants for one whole minute after each use, and are designed to cater to men, women, children, and people of determination.

This is not the first time that such types of toilets appeared in the emirates.

In September 2018, the department of public health at Al Ain City Municipality carried out a study to develop the Public Toilets’ Project throughout the city. As many as 64 smart toilets were set to be installed in five sectors of the city by the last quarter of 2018.

Al Ain smart public toilet
The smart public toilets were installed in Al Ain at the end of 2018. Image Credit: Supplied

In a statement, Al Ain City Municipality said that authorities were meeting the public’s needs after a number of suggestions were filed with the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre.

In late 2017, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality installed 54 units, including Shaikha Fatima Park, Capital Park and the Airport Park.

The project, according to Abu Dhabi Municipality, aims to serve the users of parks and outdoor commercial areas, residential neighbourhoods as well as main and subsidiary roads.