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Sharjah Taxi announces the testing of its first electric vehicles at Sharjah International Airport Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Taxi, a part of Osool Transport Solutions, has commenced testing its first electric vehicles at Sharjah International Airport.

Testing its fleet of limousines is a pioneering endeavour towards environmentally friendly transportation in Sharjah, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon-free public transportation by 2050.

The Skywell electric vehicle offers optimal comfort and luxury for customers. As an eco-friendly and safe mode of transportation, it contributes to reducing harmful carbon emissions, meeting the highest standards of customer comfort and safety.

The experiment, launched in early June 2023, aims to evaluate the vehicle’s key advantages and suitability within a luxury fleet while adhering to global comfort, safety, and security standards.

Environment friendly

Khaled Al Kindi, Acting General Manager of Osool Transport Solutions, said: “This vehicle aligns with our commitment to providing environment friendly transportation and reflects our dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation.”

Al Kindi further emphasised the company’s dedication to enhancing the transportation experience for customers, prioritising their needs and desires with utmost comfort and safety standards.

Sharjah Taxi is actively expanding the number of electric charging stations across the emirate to cater for various electric vehicles, ensuring compatibility and convenience for users. The company also plans to explore new vehicle models for optimal economic and environmental outcomes.

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This initiative underscores the ongoing efforts of Osool Transport Solutions, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management, in promoting environmentally friendly transportation in the Emirate of Sharjah. It further exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, advanced transportation services that meet customer needs and achieve Sharjah’s vision of providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.