Luca Charawani, 11, with his new release. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: They say when you love to read, you turn a writer.

That is definitely the case with this Grade 6 British boy, Luca Charawani, 11, who has published “A Long Journey”. The book is published by Young Author Academy. His earlier stint at writing was at the age of eight. He authored a story for the book titled “A Beautiful Collection of Stories” by Young Writers. This book too was published by Young Author Academy, a publishing house that gives out creative writing workshops to young writers and publishes their stories.

Charawani said it was his love to read that instilled a passion for writing.

“I always have creative imaginative stories running in my head. When I was eight years old I had a chance to pen down one of them. That was the start. I was very excited with that story. This was October 2019. Today, I have my first solo book published. I am super excited.”

He said, “The new book is an adventure mini novel that is set in the city of Los Angeles. There are two main characters in my story, Jasper and Jeremiah.”

The young author’s publisher and mentor from the Young Author Academy Annemieke Woodbridge, said: “Luca’s imagination is incredibly vast and his stories are full of intrigue, wonder and adventure.”

Woodbridge added: “The approach to his creative writing is wonderfully enthusiastic. He is always aiming to create unique stories with a plot designed to capture and maintain his reader’s attention. That’s the true end goal to fabulous creative writing.”

Simon Crane, Head Master at Brighton College Dubai, said, “I am incredibly proud of Luca and his wonderful talent for writing. We celebrate a love of reading at Brighton College Dubai and he embodies every element of this ethos. To release a book at his age is a testament to his ambitions and proves anything is possible! I congratulate Luca on his amazing success and look forward to his next book, whenever that may be.”

Charawani is also very interested in Maths as he enjoys problem solving. He is logic driven which makes solving problems easier. During his spare time, he also plays golf and video games with his friends.

He said his father, Alex, who owns a construction company is a huge inspiration. “My father works hard for a living. This is because he loves his job and is passionate about it. I have learnt from him that hard work is the way to go. My father also supports me a lot and encourages me to do what I love doing. My mother is an illustrator. She is very creative. I think I get my creative thinking from her.”

Charawani’s mother Victoria said: “At first Luca was inspired to write a story as part of a creative writing workshop. After few years, he wanted to do it all over again. And that is how Long Journey was born. He has received so much encouragement, support and inspiration from the Young Authors Academy.”