Boy police officer in Dubai
Al Muraqabbat Police Station granted the wish of Ali Ebrahim and made him a policeman for the day. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: All that eight-year-old Emirati student Ali Ebrahim wants to be when he grows up is to become an officer of the law. This Ramadan, that wish came true.

Brigadier Ali Ahmad Ghanim, Director of Al Muraqabbat Police Station, said that the centre was initially contacted by a representative of Al Ahmadiya School – a school under its jurisdiction – who said that one of its pupils wanted to become a police officer for the day.

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Immediately, Brig Ghanim contacted Dubai Police Headquarters and started the necessary paperwork in order to grant the young boy’s wish.

Soon enough, a work schedule was in place and Ebrahim’s police uniform was ready to be worn.

Dubai Police posted the online video of Ebrahim on its social media accounts, where viewers could hear him say in Arabic: “This is police officer Ali Ebrahim, and I wish peace be upon everybody.”

During his job as a duty officer, Ebrahim attended a meeting at one of the conference rooms at the station, visited the office of the station’s director, and then went to the administrative office and saw where the criminal records were stored.