Mohammad Al Gergawi, UAE Minister for Cabinet Affairs and the Future Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a joint initiative, the UAE and the UK are developing the best practices in government innovation with the aim of benefiting both countries.

Among a number of joint initiatives is a diploma in innovation in government developed and implemented by the University of Cambridge together with the Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation.

A UAE delegation of experts in government innovation recently presented the best practices developed by the UAE’s government innovation team at Buckingham Palace.

The presentation was made in the presence of the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

“Our aim is to develop, share and benchmark global best practices in government innovation that answer and meet the needs of progressive and open governance,” said Mohammad Al Gergawi, UAE Minister for Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

The team presenting to Prince Andrew represented members of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, a UAE-based think-tank and innovation centre that aims to drive the development of leading-edge government services and facilities that truly benefit citizens.

“We are delighted to share best practices developed in the UAE, as well as learn from our peers and colleagues. Our presentation shows the strong partnership between the UAE and the UK continues to reap true benefits for both communities,” said Al Gergawi.

The UAE’s focus on innovation in government comes as part of a wide-ranging programme of government reform and revitalisation developed in the country over the past decade. Commencing with 2007’s Federal Government Strategy, a process of strategic reform has transformed governance in the young nation, including the development of a wide number of smart cities and smart government initiatives. These have culminated in recent reforms of the educational sector as well as the appointment of new ministerial posts, which include ministers for Happiness, Tolerance and Youth.

“We have managed to transform government innovation from being a theoretical concept to a practical, implemented reality. Innovation today is at the very heart of everything we aim to achieve in government,” said Al Gergawi.

Sulaiman Al Mazroui, UAE ambassador to the United Kingdom, and Huda Al Hashemi, assistant director-general for strategy and innovation in the Prime Minster’s Office, were also part of the delegation.