screengrab from twitter account of UAE public prosecution
A rendering of the UAE Public Prosecution office. Image Credit: Twitter

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Public Prosecution has ordered the imprisonment of the owner of a private company for defrauding trainees of Nafis Programme.

The suspect has fraudulently obtained sums of money from 296 Nafis trainees and asked them to deposit specific amounts in the bank account of his company.

He claimed that the money will go for a charity initiative and threatened the trainees if they did not make the donation they would fail in the training evaluation.

Public Prosecution carried out investigations, which revealed that the suspect has registered his company with the Nafis Programme via its digital platform to train Emiratis in the fields of e-commerce and commercial brokerage.

The investigations also showed that the suspect is the owner and manager of the company and he has two employees only.

Public Prosecution said that the suspect violated the rules of the Nafis Programme as he did not provide direct training for the enrolled trainees and deceived them.