The UAE on Monday marks Commemoration Day to remember the sacrifices of fallen Emirati heroes who paid with their lives in serving the homeland. Details from Gulf News' coverage


'Engraved in history of UAE'

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said on the occasion on Commemoration Day.

"The UAE martyrs' memory will remain engraved in the history of the UAE. They are our sources of pride and an inspiration to the upcoming generations. On that day, we would like to also honour the families of the martyrs, who instilled a sense of unity and loyalty in their children. The UAE martyrs provided us with lessons on maintaining our national identity," Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed said.

"The UAE nation is currently  experiencing a historical moment in time. And on that day, I would like to say that the UAE will never hesitate to stand in solidarity with those in need," he said.

"The UAE is our life, our presence and is our future. The UAE martyrs will remain in our heats and prayers. We ask God to protect the country and its people from anything that may pose a threat to its security," he said.

Martyrs' families commemorated

UAE leaders on Monday commemorated the families of the martyrs during a ceremony that was held adjacent to the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque where a martyrs' memorial will be built.


March of patriotism

After Commemoration Day awards were distributed by UAE leaders, a police marching band performed national songs, firing up a sense of patriotic zeal among the audience in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

A police marching band performs

FNC speaker thanks UAE heroes

Federal National Council Speaker Amal Al Qubaisi paid tribute to UAE martyrs on Monday.

“This is an important day in history. It is a day that highlights the sacrifices of the UAE martyrs who died during their line of duty to fight for peace and curb political turmoil. The UAE country’s leaders and people will never forget our brave hearts,” Al Qubaisi said on Commemoration Day.

“Today is yet another day that substantiates the unity and coherence between the UAE leaders and its people. Today, we are full of pride and honour to commemorate these soldiers. November 30 is dedicated to martyrs' day every year,” Al Qubaisi said.

Federal National Council Speaker Amal Al Qubaisi

“Thank you to our heroes who raised the victory of Islam and justice and kept UAE’s founding father Shaikh Zayed’s legacy, one that highlighted the importance of unity, alive. Today we celebrate martyr’s day, a day that highlights the sacrifices of the martyrs and tomorrow we celebrate the UAE national day, a day that marks the unity of this country,” Al Qubaisi said.

“Finally, I would like to say that these soldiers will remain in our hearts and prayers. I would also like to thank their families for raising them this way and instilling in them a sense of loyalty and remaining true to their country. Their names will go down in history.”

UAE Martyrs' Square inaugurated in Sharjah

His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, inaugurated the UAE Martyrs' Square in Sharjah on Monday.

The monument on Maleiha Road is a tribute to Emirati martyrs, in appreciation of their  sacrifices. The monument is a statue of a soldier carrying the UAE flag, which carries the names of all martyrs.

In Ajman, police delegations headed by Captain Noora Al Shamisi visited martyrs’ families. "Martyrs’ sacrifice will always remain etched in hearts of UAE people and leadership," she said.

Prayers, moment of silence at Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

At the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, prayers were recited for the UAE martyrs, which highlighted their acts of devotion and loyalty.

UAE leaders and senior officials were present to witness the UAE flag fly high, one of the UAE’s historical milestones.

A moment of silence was observed starting at 11:30am. The UAE national anthem was later played, while the flag was being raised.

UAE leaders at the Commemoration Day event in Abu Dhabi

Gulf News observes minute of silence

At the Gulf News office in Dubai, staff members observed a minute of silence starting at 11:30am to mark Commemoration Day in remembrance of the UAE's martyrs.

Commemoration Day

Gulf News observes Commemoration Day

Duty of UAE people to protect homeland

Ahmad Al Bayhooni Al Dhaheri, brother of UAE martyr Hamad Al Bayhooni Al Dhaheri, received a call at 3pm on the day of his brother’s martyrdom, and was informed of the news.

He said that it the duty of the UAE people to protect their homeland and represent their country in the best way possible, even outside of the UAE.

Obaid Al Bayhooni, the martyr's uncle, said that it is a national responsibility to stand in solidarity with those in need and follow the UAE leaders’ commands, who have done so much for the country to propel it to reach where it is today.


Documentary on martyrs

A short documentary was launched to pay tribute to the UAE martyrs. With the UAE national anthem playing in the background, the short documentary features UAE nationals spanning different generations holding hands together, as a way to depict the country’s strong spirit of unity and coherence, according to Shaima Jasem, documentary’s director, and Ahmad Bin Eid, an actor, who spoke about it during an interview.


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  Monument reveal in Abu Dhabi

Sergeant Aisha Saif Al Bidwawi, said during a phone interview on Abu Dhabi TV: “We’ve had a commemoration monument reveal since 9:30am today, which will continue until 1:30pm. I ask all drivers to abide by the rules to ensure a smooth series of activities today.”

Abu Dhabi marks Commemoration Day

Daughter recalls memories of martyr

Wafaa Ali Al Shehi, the daughter of the UAE martyr Ali Al Shehi, said that she can never forget her dad when he was draped in the UAE flag.

“On that day, several people came to our mourning tent to offer their heartfelt condolences. Several of them were even reciting verses from the Quran to comfort the martyr’s mother.”

“They also kept telling her that martyrdom equates to one gaining immediate access to heaven and that biding life farewell as a martyr is the greatest reward possible,” she said.

Commemoration Day inspires poet

UAE poet Ahmad Al Mazrooei, said during an interview on AD TV that he decided to write a poem for Commemoration Day to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers and their families, accentuating how influential poems can be in conveying and mirroring how people feel about a certain historical moment in time.

Moment of pride for martyr's family

UAE martyr Mohammad Ali Al Hosani

Ali Hassan Ahmad Al Hosani, the father of the UAE martyr Mohammad Ali Al Hosani (inset), said on Monday: “These are our heroes, our brave soldiers, who laid down their lives to raise the victory of Islam. To all the families of the martyr’s, we should be proud of our children, who were martyred as they were performing their national duty."

'I would like, on the behalf of the families of the UAE martyrs, to thank our leaders who were with us along every step of the day,” the elder Al Hosani said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Hassan Ali Al Hosani, the older brother of the UAE martyr Mohammad Ali, said: “Today is a very special day to all of us. Today, we commemorate the fallen soldiers of the UAE who paid the ultimate sacrifice to stand in solidarity with our Yemeni brothers. Today is a moment of pride and honour, because it reminds us of the martyrs’ acts of valour and gallantry. Their names will eternally be a shining light in the history of the UAE.”

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed: Sacrifices will never go in vain

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said: “Martyr’s day is a landmark day, a day that will commemorate our fallen soldiers. The martyr’s office that has been set up, under the commands of UAE President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is a testament that the UAE martyr’s sacrifices will never go in vain.” 

'Thank you, our heroes'

“We will never forget them. They will always be in our hearts and prayers. This day marks their great acts of courage, loyalty and faithfulness. We are proud and honoured to commemorate their sacrifices on this landmark day. Today, they are our sources of pride and honour, for both the UAE citizens and UAE residents. Thank you, our heroes, for claiming big victories, and for maintaining the spirits of unity,” according to a report on Sabah Al Dar, Abu Dhabi TV, which featured snippets from the speech of Shaikh Zayed, UAE’s founding father, who spoke about how the people of this country went above and beyond their call of duty to protect this country.

Message from martyr's niece

"Today is an important day in history, a day that is dedicated to the heroes of this country. Their names will go down in history. May God grant them immediate access to paradise #Martyr's_Day," Aisha Al Dahmani, the niece of the UAE's first martyr Salem Suhail Bin Khamis Al Dahmani, said on Monday morning ahead of the commemoration activities.

Shaikh Khalifa lauds martyrs

"UAE Commemoration Day is a landmark national occasion in our country; a day on which we are inspired by the patriotism of our heroes, take them as our role models in the defence of our dear homeland," said President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan on the occasion of the first UAE Commemoration Day. Read the full statement

'We are loyal to their sacrifices'

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, on Sunday confirmed that Commemoration Day is the beginning of a new era in the UAE, an era which is full of sacrifice by every precious thing for the sake of the homeland.

In his speech on the occasion of Commemoration Day, Shaikh Mohammad said: “Today, we prove that for martyrs, we are loyal to their sacrifices and we are like fathers to their sons. We pledge that we will continue their march and appreciate their sacrifices for ever.” Read the full speech

What is Commemoration Day?

Commemoration Day recognises the sacrifices and dedication of Emirati martyrs, who have given their lives in the UAE and abroad in the field of civil, military and humanitarian service. Read more