Martyr Mohammad Obaid Al Athab Al Hammoudia. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced on Monday the martyrdom of two of its soldiers in Yemen.

Pilot Zayed Ali Al Kaabi and First Lieutenant Mohammad Obaid Al Hammoudi were martyred while performing their national duty as part of the Armed Forces’ involvement in Operation Restoring Hope, carried out by the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

The General Command offered condolences to the families of two martyrs and asked Allah Almighty to rest their souls in peace.

Earlier on Monday, the UAE Armed Forces announced that a UAE fighter jet had gone missing in Yemen, state news agency WAM reported.

The two latest casualties brings the death toll of Emirati soldiers fighting in Yemen to 77.

Sultan Al Athab Al Hammoudi, Mohammad’s uncle, told Gulf News they first knew of his martyrdom through social media on Monday morning.

“At first we could not believe it, but by noon a delegation from the Amred forces visited us and confirmed the news,” Sultan said.

Mohammad,25, from Dibba Al Hosn, was unmarried. He is survived by his mother, father, grandparents, four brothers and four sisters.

Mohammad had last spoken to his family on Sunday and assured them that everything was fine.

His uncle said he had been in Yemen for about two or three weeks.

“Of course we’ll cry, but thank Allah for everything. His mother is thanking god for his martyrdom and she is being strong. We are all praying that Allah grants us the patience to deal with his loss. He made us all proud.” Sultan said.

Khamis Al Kaabi, martyr Zayed’s brother said: “We got the news from my other brother, who is also in Yemen. My mother spoke to Zayed yesterday and he said everything was good."

He said his brother, Zayed, went to Yemen last Monday.

Zayed, 37, from Mirbeh Fujairah, is survived by his wife, four children, mother and 13 siblings.

“Zayed’s youngest son is four and eldest is 11. All boys,” he said.

Both families are preparing for the funeral and burial, which is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Mohammad’s funeral prayers and the tent for the men’s condolences will be held at Shaikh Rashid Saqr Mosque. Women condolence’s will be accepted at the martyr’s home.

- With input from WAM