Dubai Sky pods are a futuristic mobility system planned in Dubai.
Dubai Sky pods are a futuristic mobility system planned in Dubai. Image Credit: Evangeline Elsa / Gulf News

Dubai: They are designed to connect skyscrapperss in Dubai in the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient way.

Welcome to the Sky Pods, vehicles that will help shape the future of transportation in cities.

Sky pods are designed to form a transport network for high-rises.

They occupy minimal footprint (land area), have high energy efficiency, use innovative railways and operate using an automated control system.

There are two models of these innovative transport solutions for cities.

Skypods at a glance

There are two model of the Dubai Sky pod.

1. Unibike

This is the first model of the Dubai Sky pod unit.

Itis a small lightweight vehicle that propels itself forward using steel wheels on suspended rails.

It combines the advantages of a high-performance electric vehicle with the benefits of sports and leisure vehicles.

In addition to electric power systems, the vehicle has been fitted with a bicycle-powered generator and thus can be moved by passengers manually, making it a future alternative to cars, bicycles and motorbikes.

It can carry two people, offers a private space for individual transport with a speed up to 150 km/hour.

It is designed to transport up to 20,000 passengers per hour. The vehicle is able to move horizontally up to an angle of 30 degrees.

Advantages: Small size and lightweight transport means.

2. Unicar

The Unicar is designed to carry passengers for a distance up to 200 kilometres. These units have a stylish design and conform to Dubai’s global standards.

The unit can accommodate one to six riders and travel at a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The network can transport about 50,000 riders per hour.

Futuristic: First and last-mile challenges

In December, the RTA firs tweeted about the “sky pods” to the public.

They are dubbed as “a highly power-efficient futuristic autonomous mobility system that requires infrastructure much less than conventional mode of transit.” In December, the RTA firs tweeted about the “sky pods” to the public.

The RTA firs tweeted about the “sky pods” to the public in December.

"(Sky pods) would use an area of land that is 100 times less than conventional means of the same capacity, while the pods’ power efficiency is five times better than electric vehicles and the system requires infrastructure, which is 10 times less than conventional transit systems,” the RTA stated.

The pods were unveiled today ay the WGS. No trial date has been announced yet.

The RTA earlier stated they are working with certain entities for trials of the pods that would help solve the “first and last-mile challenges”.

“The future projects also include autonomous air taxi, which is being developed by a big global firm. This step is needed to keep pace with the ambitions of our leaders in harnessing the government’s resources to serve the society and ensure sustainable welfare of future generations,” the RTA said stated.