Dubai: The Road and Transport Authority’s Customer Council has recommended reducing the approved fees on some activities of companies operating in the luxury car transport sector.

The move was taken during the annual meeting of franchise companies for taxis in Dubai, and comes as a result of the entry of huge numbers of luxury cars belonging to licenced and specialised companies into the market.

The council has also directed the Commercial Transport Activities Department and Transport Activities Monitoring Department to study the market situation in terms of the density of the number of vehicles operating in the field of transport. Some companies have been affected by the entry of a large number of vehicles operating illegally in the market.

The study aims to maintain the operating companies in accordance with the laws and procedures of the RTA and identify the violating companies and study the volume of the vehicle fleet in the market at the moment to take necessary measures in accordance with RTA’s laws and regulations.

The Council also recommended the drivers affairs department to reduce the time taken to grant drivers of luxury vehicles a “ licence” as well as the training period in order to ease the burden on transport companies luxury cars and save time and meet companies’ needs of drivers.