Dubai: The UAE embassy in Washington on Tuesday has confirmed that Emiratis will not be affected by Trump’s travel ban.

In a series of tweets, Yousef Al Otaiba, Ambassador of the UAE to the US, announced that the embassy has consulted with American officials, and has been assured that the new immigration law will not affect UAE citizens.   

Al Otaiba further confirmed that Emiratis can proceed with their plans to visit the United States.

In case of an emergency, residents are advised to contact the embassy at: +1 202 431 5530.

The assurance was made following President Donald Trump’s US travel entry ban earlier this week against seven Muslim-majority countries, which left transit passengers stranded at Dubai International Airport.

Meanwhile, airlines in the UAE said they were doing everything they can to help passengers caught in the 90-day temporary US entry ban, which include the countries of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

On Monday, Emirates said it has adjusted its crews for flights to the United States, while an Etihad Airways spokesperson told Gulf News that is working closely with the US Customs and Border Protection agency in Abu Dhabi and in the USA on the immigration issues presented over the weekend.

Etihad Airways said: "Our joint interest is on ensuring that compliance and the well-being of all passengers is maintained across our global network.”