Abu Dhabi: The official transactions related to national ID card at typing centres were disrupted from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon due to a technical glitch.

The system was back on track by Sunday afternoon and the typing centres restarted processing the application forms, the staff at many typing centres across the UAE told Gulf News on Sunday.

“When we were trying to upload the application forms on Emirates Identity Authority’s [Emirates ID] system, it was showing a message : ‘system error’,” said an employee at a typing centre in Abu Dhabi city.

“We could not entertain many applicants who came for new ID cards and renewal. When the system was back on track, we informed them over the phone,” said a typist in Sharjah.

The residents who were trying to process their applications said, it was a long wait since Saturday morning. “Although a typing centre said it was technical glitch with Emirates ID system, I approached two other centres as well to confirm it. They collected my phone numbers and called me back by today [Sunday] afternoon when the system started working again,” said S. Al Deen, an Abu Dhabi resident who was trying to renew his card before renewing his residence visa.

Emirates ID confirmed that its e-form system, which is managed by Emaratech [a private company], faced slow performance issues Saturday and Sunday morning that affected the service in many typing centres across UAE.

“Accordingly, we took prompt action to fix the system issues, which was a result of a comprehensive updating process, and the issue was solved by Sunday,”an official spokesman told Gulf News.