Abu Dhabi: Drones, autogiros and gyroscopes are banned from flying five kilometres from airports and helipads, and some other restricted zones including residential, commercial and sports areas.

It is also not permitted to install cameras on such drones or unmanned aircraft, said a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday.

The Light Sports Aircraft Systems Committee workshop announced the ban, along with ways to regulate drone operations, the terms and conditions of issuing drone import and commercial sale licences.

It aims to implement mechanisms on issuing such type of licences or for required preliminary approvals.

The workshop also tackled drones’ no-fly zones, and the mechanisms, legal actions and penalties against violations.

It also presented the terms and conditions of registering and issuing certificates by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The workshop stressed the importance of inspection and control on drone retail outlets to ensure its adherence to the terms and conditions and registration of drone sale, types, and customisation to the permitted age group.

Article 69 of Federal Law No. 20 of 1991 organising and regulating civil aviation activities, stipulates a penalty of minimum one-year imprisonment or Dh50,000 fine or either penalty for illegally flying aircraft without attaining required certificates or licences.

Article 70 of the same law stipulates a penalty of minimum three years in prison and a fine not more than Dh100,000 or either penalty for landing or taking off from undesignated areas or outside airports, unless they hold a special permit from the designated entity.

Major-General Ahmad Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General at the Ministry of Interior and head of the Light Sports Aircraft Systems Committee, stressed that drones must be registered on the General Authority of Civil Aviation’s website — www.gcaa.gov.ae.