Healthcare workers conduct coronavirus testing in Dubai's Naif district
Healthcare workers conduct coronavirus testing in Dubai's Naif district Image Credit: Virendra Saklani, Gulf News

Dubai: The UAE Cabinet has approved bonuses for vital emergency workers during the coronavirus pandemic, it was announced on Sunday.

The bonus system was approved during Sunday’s virtual Cabinet meeting chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed tweeted, “We have approved a system and criteria to grant bonuses for workers in vital jobs during emergencies, as we need to value the relentless efforts of those who stood still during the crisis. The UAE will continue to attribute the best to everyone.”

The Cabinet approved the setting up of an integrated system in cooperation with non-government organisations to ensure providing the best care and rehabilitation services to the people of determination as the government’s priority and core interest.

“In the UAE, our expectations and morale are high. More importantly, our government is flexible and proactive. We have highly qualified and responsible teams,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

“The UAE government team is always at the forefront, close to citizens and residents, to assess their needs and improve their services. The aim is to build a future worthy of our future generations. The government is continuing its work in the field, but from a distance. It adopts a new work method and tools for the future tools. There is no place for the old methods in our system,” he added.

The Vice-President his pride in the Emirati society- all its categories, citizens and residents, who have been able to work hand in hand with various government entities. “Citizens and residents supported government efforts and actions, with their contributions of different roles towards achieving one goal, which is to make the UAE the best country in the world for coronavirus recovery after the end of the virus pandemic.”

Sheikh Mohammed highlighted that the UAE government has proved with the resumption of business and economic activities in various sectors that it is the government of the future that can keep up with the developments and deal with various challenges, thanks to its citizens and human cadres as well as to its systems and infrastructure, it is able to adapt to various challenges.

The Cabinet also approved a number of initiatives and programmes that target various segments of the community. It approved a governance system of the boards of directors of federal intuitions in order to enhance transparency and avoid conflict of interests of board members. The step, which comes as vital economic sectors restoring to normality, aims to enhance control mechanisms and ensure regulation of company activities.

The Cabinet approved the establishment of the Union Digital Payment Company, a national corporation dedicated to provide digital payment services to all sectors in a safe, quick and reliable manner. The move gives a boost to the national digital economy, which is flourishing, while national institutions are keeping abreast.

Sheikh Mohammed was briefed about government decisions and measures taken to curb the spread of coronavirus.

During the video call meeting, Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, spoke about a package of preemptive and effective measures, including the acceleration of payment of government dues to suppliers and companies.

Other measures include reducing the registration fees of suppliers and exempting them from renewal fees, in support of suppliers and companies and reducing any negative repercussions on them.

Al Tayer said these measures have strengthened confidence in stability and financial sustainability in the UAE, and demonstrated the UAE government's commitment to harnessing all available resources to counter and mitigate the negative effects of the Coronavirus epidemic, with the aim of protecting the national economy and empowering business sectors.

New ways are discussed to introduce new and effective economic stimulus packages to ease the burden and reduce fees on companies and individuals to protect economic gains and accelerate the process of economic recovery, ensuring growth and sustainability of economic development.

The Cabinet also approved the formation of a management committee for the Education Support Fund, which was established earlier with an aim to ensure the sustainability of qualitative educational development programmes, by providing additional financial resources to support development and community-oriented education programmes, and to organize donations and donations.

In October 2019, the Education Support Fund was set up to encourage partnerships with the private and business sectors. The fund aims to ensure the sustainability of educational development programmes in the country.