Ban Ki-moon and Obaid Salem Al Za’abi Image Credit: WAM

Geneva: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday toured Hall No 17 at the UN headquarters in Europe, which is being completely refurbished through a donation from the UAE.

Ban Ki-moon was accompanied by Obaid Salem Al Za’abi, UAE’s Permanent Representative to the UN’s European headquarters and other international organisations in Geneva. Ban Ki-moon and Al Za’abi inspected the work, and viewed the refurbishment plans, which details the various phases of the refurbishment works.

The UN chief hailed the progress achieved so far in the renovation operations, as well as the massive support given by the UAE and its leadership to the UN and humanitarian organisations in various areas. He said the UAE is a role model for all countries around the world in this field of work. He also praised the support given by the UAE to the UN, which allows the international organisation to accomplish its humanitarian goals.

In a statement to WAM, Ban said: “We express our gratitude to the UAE and its people for their continued support and cooperation with the UN in all fields, whether in its efforts to support peace and security, helping people around the world or its work to refurbish Hall No 17 at the UN’s headquarters in Europe.”

The refurbishment of the hall will be based on the idea of merging the beauty of the desert and blue sky, which represents the UAE. It also represents the UN’s aspiration towards its sustainable development agenda.

Al Za’abi expressed pride in supporting UN activities, which will contribute to boosting the international organisation’s efficiency and help it achieve its global goals by improving conditions and work methods.

He reaffirmed that the UAE’s commitment to complete this project on time stems from the determination of the UAE leadership to excel and adhere to its international commitments.