Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Attorney General issued a statement on Thursday banning the publication details related to an incident regarding the death of an Asian child in a school bus in all forms of audio, visual and social media outlets.

The decision also included banning giving opinions or making remarks regarding the incident by ordinary people and others that may be related to the case until the accusation and referral decision is taken and made by the Attorney General.

A source at the Attorney General’s office expressed deep pain for the death of a child at this age, stressing that the prosecution has and is still investigating the case in order to achieve justice.

The source added that a lot of incorrect information has been circulating and from sources that are directly linked to the case which has led to unjustified confusion between families and parents of children and students. He added that circulating information affects the community security and provokes the feelings of community members because the victim is only a small child.

The source stressed that circulating incorrect information regarding the case is also not to the interest of community members.

The source added that the public prosecutor in Abu Dhabi respect media’s freedom and the right of society to know, but at the same time emphasizes the importance of screening credibility in the news and the observance of legal control that does not effect the case or harm the security of society. Violating the above resolution will place violators under penalty of legal accountability under Article 264, paragraph 1, of the federal law.