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Fasting during Ramadan comes with great health benefits, but for those with chronic conditions, it can be a challenging time to navigate. So, how can you make the most of Ramadan, while also making sure that your health doesn’t suffer?

Gulf News presents Healthy Ramadan – Fasting with Health Conditions, a webinar in partnership with Fakeeh University Hospital that will delve deep into ways people suffering from chronic conditions can ensure a safe Ramadan.

Register now: Healthy Ramadan - Fasting with Health Conditions

Whether you are newly diagnosed with diabetes and unsure how to go about fasting, or a cardiac patient wondering if you should fast, or have concerns about high blood pressure, you can get all your doubts cleared during the webinar.

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Join us on April 8 at 11am as Dr Khaldoun Taha, Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Ahmed Hassoun, Clinical Professor and Consultant Endocrinology, and Clinical Dietician, Reshma Devjani cover a wide range of topics during the webinar including:

• Precautions people with chronic conditions need to take

• How critical it is to get the go-ahead from your doctor before fasting

• Steps for diabetics to ensure safe fasting

• Things cardiac patients need to keep in mind

• Implications for people with high blood pressure

• Dos and don’ts of iftar and suhour

• The best foods to eat to help you maximise the health benefits of fasting

• How to stay active during Ramadan

Experts from Fakeeh University Hospital will also take questions from the audience during the webinar. So be sure to register in advance.

Built on an integrated healthcare model, Fakeeh University Hospital brings you the legacy of more than four decades of compassionate care drawn from the renowned Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia. Fakeeh University Hospital is also a world-class academic centre committed to excellence through research, education, and clinical care.

Find all the information you need to enjoy a healthy Ramadan with top healthcare experts from Fakeeh University Hospital by tuning into our webinar on April 8th at 11am.