Svetlana Eghterafi, Head of Partnerships, Cuemath, speaking at GN Edufair. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Maths is the basis for every aspect of your life, an expert at Cuemath said at the Gulf News Edufair in Dubai today.

Svetlana Eghterafi, Head of Partnerships, Cuemath, a one-to-one live personalised online maths tutoring platform, said Cuemath is a programme dedicated to just Maths. “We help students develop their Maths skills whether it is for a child to better results at school or those with advanced learning capabilities to take their skill a notch up,” she added.

How it works

Eghterafi said Cuemath has been designed to help students with class work, test prep, homework and more. “But we also help advanced learners to ace Maths competitions such as the Olympiads. We give a 100 per cent personalised learning plan unique to a child. Our expert teachers are chosen to match your child’s specific needs and curriculum.”

Cuemath has over 200,000 students across 80 countries with 6,000 trained teachers teaching Maths to students. “We only hire three per cent of teachers who apply with us. This is because it is very important for us to find the right teacher for the students.”

Why Maths is important

Eghterafi said Maths is part of our everyday life. “Even if it doesn’t affect your work directly, it does personally. For example if you are investing in a property and leasing it out – you need some Maths to calculate the Return on Investment. There is a calculation in everything. If there is money exchange for example, there is calculation required. So Maths is part and parcel of our lives and what we do is to remove the fear of Maths.”

How students can ace Maths

Eghterafi said the key to tackling Maths lies in some principles.

“When a student understands logic instead of simply memorising the formulae, it becomes easier. Second, it should be about mastery, not completion. The student should achieve mastery through concept clarity and not focus on completing the syllabus. Third, tutors must guide students to the provide answers instead of directly giving olutions. Students also must learn with relatable real-world examples, not abstract exercises. Finally, practice makes perfect. When students practise and simply do not passively watch a tutor to solve problems it results in students acing their Maths,” explained Eghterafi.