Why PAN?. The Permanent Account Number acts a code for identification of Indian nationals Image Credit: GN Archives

ABU DHABI: Indian expats in the UAE can now apply for their PAN or Permanent Account Number card at Ghurair International Exchange branches in the UAE. 
PAN is a code that acts as an identification for Indian nationals. All non-resident Indians having taxable income in India such as property, stocks or bank deposits are required to have the number.
Al Ghurair International Exchange is the second exchange to introduce the service after Al Ansari Exchange. The service is priced at Dh150. 
“We introduced the service on November 25 across all our branches. Since a lot of Indians travel back home to apply for this card, we decided to bring the facility here,” said Imad Ul Malik, general manager at Al Ghurair International Exchange.

According to Malik, if all necessary documents are in order, an E-PAN card can be obtained within seven working days and the physical card is delivered within 20 days. “One needs to produce a local bank statement along with passport and visa proof is required,” he added.


Apart from new cards, the exchange house can also arrange for replacements of existing cards. “Customers who wish to get their names, signatures or pictures changed or have lost their PAN cards can use the service to get a new card with the same PAN number,” said Malik.