People attend the morning prayers
Friday prayers in the UAE will be completed within 10-minute as part of preventive measures against coronavirus Image Credit: Gulf News/Archive

Dubai: Muslims in the UAE are advised to arrive for Friday prayers well in time as duration of Friday prayers including Khutba on March 6 has been reduced to 10-minute only.

According to Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (ICAD) in Dubai, the ‘Khutba’--Friday sermon before the prayer will also be shortened and will focus on preventive measures against Coronavirus.

“Khutba and the Friday prayer (namaz) will be completed within 10-minute,” said a customer service agent at the ICAD. Normally, only Khutab is delivered in 15 to 20 minutes in addition to time to offer prayers. At an average, Friday prayers lasts for about half an hour. Friday prayers in Dubai will start at 12.33pm. The announcement about reduced duration of Friday prayers has gone viral in the UAE.

Earlier, the UAE’s Sharia Council has already issued a fatwa prohibiting those infected or suspected of contracting coronavirus from attending congregational prayers including Friday prayer, Eid prayer and being in public places.