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The lucky trio: Krill, Rowena and Khawar.

Dubai: A 36-year old Filipina airport operations team leader, a Pakistani migrant worker, and an Uzbek food blogger welcomed the festive season with a big cheer as each of them are now Dh100,000 richer after winning recently in Mahzooz’s 108th Super Saturday draw.

Rowena, a Filipina who has been living in the UAE for the past 10 years, got the biggest surprise of her life on Christmas Eve when she got a call from a friend informing her that her name was announced during the draw. After checking the results on the website and confirming she really won, Rowena said she started crying and couldn’t sleep the entire night. She called her mother to share the good news.

Rowena said she has no specific plan yet on what to do with her windfall but “would certainly donate a portion of her winnings to charity and save the rest for her future and family.”

Capital for own business

For Pakistani expat, Khawar, 36, the Dh100,000 prize money will be used to start a clothing business in his home country and to treat himself with a new smartphone.

Khawar arrived in Dubai six years ago works and works in a physically demanding job – loading and offloading various merchandise for a private company. He said the prize money is a big blessing that came at the right time.

Meanwhile, Kirill, a 45-year old Uzbek airline employee and food blogger, said his windfall to buy a new car. He was in the company of his friends, hanging out in the park when he received the congratulatory email from Mahzooz.

Mahzooz’s 108th Super Saturday draw also saw 22 winners sharing the second-tier prize of Dh1 million, bagging bagging Dh45,454 each after matching four out of five winning numbers. Another 1,272 winners matched three out of five numbers and received Dh350 each.