The team uses mist spraying machines and organic pesticides to combat the spread of mosquitoes Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sharjah City Municipality has launched a campaign to combat mosquitoes and pests, particularly in areas where rainwater accumulated due to rains earlier this month.

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The campaign involves the deployment of 50 employees, including engineers, supervisors, and specialised technicians, equipped with mist spraying machines to treat rainwater ponds. The municipality utilises larvicides, biocides, insect growth regulators, and organic pesticides to combat mosquito breeding, ensuring these measures have no adverse effects on human health as they are derived from natural materials, the civic body said.

Jamal Al Mazmi, director of the Health Control and Safety Department, highlighted the municipality’s year-round efforts in combating mosquitoes, including participation in the National Mosquito Control Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The control measures encompass monitoring and inspection of breeding places, with specialised teams conducting investigations in various areas of Sharjah on a weekly basis.

Work is carried out to limit the spread of mosquitos through disposing of water and safe chemical treatment, as well as space or vacuum spraying using specialised vehicles to combat flying insects. Additionally, the municipality organizes awareness campaigns through various channels, including social media, schools, and other institutions, to educate the public about mosquito control.