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Image Credit: Sankha Kar/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Cooler, windy weather with rough seas and low visibility is likely to prevail over much of the UAE over the next couple of days as a spell of lower pressure hangs over the Arabian Gulf, weather forecast suggests.

Chilly weather conditions swept over most part of the UAE on Saturday with a noticeable dip in mercury compared to previous weeks, even as winds reaching speeds of up to 50km per hour kicked up sand, reducing the visibility level to below 2,000 metres.

Conditions across the emirates were mostly overcast, with the sun playing hide and seek with clouds throughout Saturday. However, chances of rain are negligible.

Mountains in the north and east saw the mercury drop to a minimum of seven degrees Celsius, while the minimum in the coastal and interior desert regions went down to 13 and 16 degrees respectively.

“This is a normal situation for this time of the year a natural phenomenon due to the blowing of fresh northwesterly winds. Conditions will remain similar till Monday and will begin to change by Monday,” said an official at National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

He added that though the windy conditions will bring the visibility levels down, there won’t be any impact on air traffic.

However, he added that the NCM has issued sea and land warnings to make sure people are aware of the weather conditions and take necessary precautions.

“Sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman sea with waves reaching up to the heights of 10 to 12 metres and wind speed over the sea will be around 60km per hour, so people are warned against venturing into the sea,” said the weather official.