Abu Dhabi: Yas Waterworld and Green Abu Dhabi 2013 celebrated creativity, sustainability, and responsibility towards the environment as children from schools across Abu Dhabi participated in designing sculptures made from recycled items to be later placed permanently at Yas Marina.

Sixty schoolchildren gathered at Yas Waterworld this weekend to work on four sculptures with the use of recycled items. The skeletons of the sculptures had already been designed by New York-based sculptor, Chris Oricchio, and brought to Abu Dhabi.

Oricchio will be present at Yas Waterworld and will work with the pupils on building the sculptures.

“Very much like the characters in Yas Waterworld, the [skeletons of the] sculptures have travelled and have been brought from another country,” founder of Green Abu Dhabi Suhail Jashanmal told Gulf News.

He described the sculptures saying that they are 5x5 feet; with skeletons made from scrap metal; and shaped into iconic sea creatures, which are a sea horse, a crab, a stingray, and a conch shell.

“We thought why not make sculptures from trash and use them to help the environment,” Jashanmal added.

The sculptures will be put on auction and all the money raised will go to charity with half the money going to the Future Centre for Special Needs and the other half to Green Abu Dhabi, which aims to rid mangroves in the emirate of waste.

—Sarah Diaa is an intern at Gulf News