Dubai: Dubai Municipality has recorded a good demand for winter camps with dozens of Emirati families rushing to book them for the upcoming season, the civic body said on Tuesday.

The requests for getting temporary winter camp permits in Al Aweer area has increased significantly since last Sunday, with almost half the number of camps set up by Dubai Municipality getting booked by the public, it said in a press release.

“About 120 out of 250 camps have been reserved since the start of registration,” said Layali Al Mulla, director of Buildings Department.

Based on the high demand, she said the municipality will study the addition of new areas to meet the needs of the public and priority will be given to the people of determination and the elderly.

“The municipality has decided to grant more time to those who have registered for the camp as the rent will not be calculated from the beginning of November. This period will be considered as the time for preparation and setting up of tents to suit their needs as well as transporting their belongings to start the camp,” Al Mulla said, adding that the camp site has been equipped with all necessary requirements.

“The area has been cleaned up and we have coordinated with Dubai Police, RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), Dubai Ambulance Services and Civil Defence and all other people concerned to facilitate all requirements for the campers.”

She said this is to help them spend a happy time in the nature’s embrace during the winter season, which is characterised by pure atmosphere and low temperatures in a way that pleases everyone and encourages the public to relax in the wilderness.”

Fees for camps

Saeed Al Falasi, head of the Building Inspection Section and head of the Committee for Supervision of the Temporary Winter Camps, said the permit fee is 44 fils per square metre per week.

The area allowed is not more than 400 square metres for a tent and there will be a refundable security of Dh2,000, which will be deposited directly to the bank account or paid directly to the applicant at the end of the camp.

He added that the permit holders are not allowed to rent out the tent or allow it to be used by others. It is also not allowed for any commercial activities.

“The camps cannot be rented for companies or hotels because they are for family use only, and the maximum period allowed for camping is six months and the minimum is three months,” said Al Falasi.

To facilitate large families, he said the municipality has allowed the possibility of booking maximum two camps per person and also allowed the camps to be combined.

Al Falasi explained that the municipality has expanded the means of providing the permit request service for temporary winter camps through its electronic window or through the email of the Building Inspection Section or through the Star Service of the municipality centres in Al Twar, Al Kifaf and Al Manara.