Naseem Ajaz Shaikh winner
Naseem Ajaz Shaikh Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Draw, in its latest FAST5 edition, reaffirms its commitment to transforming lives ‘for a better tomorrow’.

This commitment was showcased by celebrating two winners - Naseem Ajaz Shaikh from Mumbai, India, who won an Dh50,000 prize, and Majid Sultan Ibrahim, a UAE citizen, celebrating his Dh25,000 win.

From overcoming financial challenges to giving back to the community, this week’s winners are a testament to the diverse impact of Emirates Draw.

Savings wiped out

Naseem Ajaz Shaikh, 54, is a store supervisor in the UAE and represents a beacon of hope. Living in the UAE for over 15 years, his smile today hides challenges faced in the past. During the 2008 financial crisis, he lost his savings in the shares market, a devastating blow for him and his family.

“The two-day crash that wiped out all my savings was a heartbreaking period for us,” Naseem recalls.

Yet, life’s challenges often lead to unforeseen opportunities, and Naseem’s story with Emirates Draw is a shining example.

Determined to find a solution, Naseem moved to the UAE, starting as a storekeeper. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed, and he was soon promoted to Store Supervisor.

Stabilising financially in the UAE, Naseem bought an apartment in Mumbai on a housing loan, planning for his retirement.

On winning the Dh50,000 with FAST5, Naseem said: “The Dh50,000 win is a huge blessing for me, it covers the amount left for my housing loan. It also lifts a huge weight off my shoulders, reducing my worries and giving me a chance to consider early retirement to be with my elderly mother.”

While Naseem’s story exemplifies resilience, Majid Sultan Ibrahim’s journey reflects success coupled with benevolence. At 45, Majid runs a Real Estate company and has actively participated in Emirates Draw since its inception.

Second win for Emirati

Celebrating his second win, Majid says, “The Dh10,000 win from the MEGA7 raffle was exciting, but the Dh25,000 from the FAST5 raffle feels even more special.”

A true philanthropist, Majid regularly directs part of his business earnings to charitable causes. He confirms, “If I win the Grand Prize, I’ll help even more people. We grow when we help others.”

Growing up in the diverse UAE, Majid learned multiple languages and respected various cultures. This understanding helps in his international real estate dealings. The support he received from the community motivates him to give back, aligning with his mission and success.


Every ticket purchased brings participants a step closer to potentially life-changing prizes and becoming part of inspiring stories like Naseem’s and Majid’s. Book your numbers early, be part of this journey, and you could be the next life Emirates Draw touches.

FAST5: Held every Saturday at 9 pm UAE time; Next draw on August 26, 2023.

MEGA7: Held every Sunday at 9 pm UAE time with the next draw on August 27, 2023.