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As students are receiving their results and beginning to make important decisions about the next step of their educational journey – it is important that such decisions are well informed and that students choose a university that allows flexibility in an ever-changing global situation. These extraordinary times have led families and students to reconsider their initial plans of studying abroad and explore options closer to home without having to compromise on the quality of education they receive.

There are a variety of questions that need to be considered when choosing the right university for you or your child. What reputation does the university have? Does it provide an international experience? Is employability at its core? Does it value the student experience outside of the classroom? Does it empower students to find their own path and pursue their passion with full support?

The UAE is immerging as an education hub – with many renowned universities from across the world opening up branch campuses in Dubai. Students who study at an international institution are able to reap the benefits of studying for a globally recognised degree while taking advantage of staying close to friends and family, year-round sunshine, and the excellent healthcare system that operates in Dubai.

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How do I decide which is the right university for me?

All universities offer degrees – but what sets one university apart from another? A UK degree provides a multitude of benefits and is revered by employers across the world – further increasing a graduate’s profile within the global job market.

There is an extensive list of undergraduate programmes on offer in Dubai and the wider UAE and therefore it is important for students to consider programmes that have a solid grounding in industry. Many programmes offered at UK universities are accredited and recognised by the world’s leading professional bodies – such as: the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and the British Psychological Society (BPS); amongst others.

I’d like the opportunity to travel or look at other universities in the future – will this be possible?

One of the biggest selling points of branch campuses is that they offer transfer options. Whether you’re looking to transfer to another branch campus or the university’s home campus, or you’re looking at transferring your credits to another university – it is important that you know and understand what options are available to you throughout your studies.

What are the advantages of studying for a UK degree in Dubai?

In an ever-changing world and an increasingly competitive job market, employers seek students who have an international edge. Students in Dubai have the unique opportunity to engage with and learn from faculty and peers from different backgrounds and nationalities with different worldviews and approaches to learning.

Those students for which English is not their first language are able to develop and enhance their English language skills – further boosting their employability, with bilingual graduates in demand worldwide.

This international experience produces graduates who are more dynamic, open-minded and understanding within a global workplace.

What support can I expect to receive when it comes to funding my studies?

Now more than ever, universities understand the need for students and their families to have flexibility and financial support throughout their studies. Many universities offer scholarships and grants, flexible payment plans and the option to work part-time while studying.

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) permits university students in Dubai to hold part-time jobs in any of the businesses located in its free zones. This allows students to gain further experience and build lasting relationships with industry professionals while financially supporting themselves throughout university.

Will I receive careers support during my studies?

The focal part of the university experience is employability. Programmes are created through extensive research and in response to industry and employer demand. As we increasingly see innovation and change at the heart of leading organisations, it is important to look at universities who adapt and work closely with industry.

Choosing an institution that offers extensive careers support both throughout university and after graduation will allow you to feel confident in knowing that you are being given the best possible foundation for which to build a successful career.

If you’re looking for a university that encompasses all of these key elements and more – Middlesex University Dubai is the choice for you. Providing world-class teaching and learning, a unique and exciting student experience, scholarships and grants, and flexibility in an ever-changing pandemic, Middlesex puts students first.

If you had planned on studying in the UK – here is your opportunity to stay in Dubai and transfer your studies to the university’s home campus in London (UK) in 2021.

To explore your options and find out where Middlesex University Dubai could take you this September – the university is holding two online sessions: ‘Let’s Talk Results’ – focusing on the benefits of continuing your UK education with a UK degree at a world-class, 5-star rated university. These sessions will take place online via Zoom on Tuesday August 11 and Thursday August 20.

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