Siddh Sanghvi submitted a video online as evidence of his project completed at home Image Credit: Supplied

On the first day of innovative distance learning, Springdales School Grade 7 student Siddh Sanghavi presents to teachers and classmates his robot hand sanitizer.

The student introduces his invention, a product of STREAM learning, an integrated curriculum approach to solving real world problems.

To help battle the spread of COVID-19, Siddh explains the importance social distancing and hand washing. He then demonstrates how his robot senses hand movement and dispenses hand sanitizer without the user having to touch the bottle.

Siddh submitted the video online as evidence of his project completed at home. Distance learning not only allows students to build knowledge and skills at home, it also enables them to present their ideas to a wider audience. Students become teachers and teachers become learners in this new virtual classroom. Stay safe!