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My Role Model - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Why?  Because of his gratitude, respect and perseverance to his success. From a drastic fall from his NFL career due to his injury, which lead him to follow his father’s career of wrestling and succeeding as a great wrestler and then now a top class actor! Of course this isn’t easy but achieving all of this in one career span is absolutely astounding!

5 Things that I learnt from Dwayne Johnson (The Rock):

1) To Never Give up (Perseverance)
Success cannot be achieved in one attempt. Success is a life-long race one day cannot make a large difference from one to the competition. The Rock has faced many problems on his way to success, family problems, recovering from injury, lost matches, but still carved his way to success which is truly heartwarming.

2) Always Work Hard
Many people are well aware of making plans for the future but not many are aware       what it takes to execute the plan. The Rock has proved this by his immense hard work from an NFL athlete to a Pro wrestler. Planning is the route to success and Work is the 
Drive to success. YOu cannot achieve success by not going there.

3) Stay Stable (Firm Decisions)
Decisions are key because if decisions are not well thought, you will be uncertain about the success thus you will have a hindered route to success and as well uncertainty can cause a lack of commitment which relates to a lack of perseverance making it hard.If Decisions are well thought it can be well executed and achieved easier! The Rock has shown this by the transformation from a wrestler to an A-list actor. 

4) Resilience and To be Humble
When The rock first started pro-wrestling he was heavily hated by the crowd but instead of retaliating with the crowd,he was resilient, he appreciated them, he characterised himself as the “People’s Champ” by being humble and stating his wins for the Audience and by the Audience. and won the love of the crowd. I have learnt that to succeed, take in the criticism and carve into appreciation

5) Hustle
Hustling is significant when trying to establish yourself into the crowd. It keeps pushing you out of the norm, The Rock has done this by creating rivalries with other wrestlers like Steve Austin to create his fame. 

Vishal Kavitha, Year 10, Jumeirah College, Dubai

3 favourite places in Dubai
1. Deira City Centre: It is the go-to mall for me and my family.
2. Zabeel Park: This place is a great refresher, every time I need a break.
3. Kite Beach: I usually do my physical activity(running on the track in the beach) and it is amazing - the view, the beach vibe and the ambience.

Conversation with a Martian

How would i describe earth?

First and foremost, if I met a Martian, I would probably scream and run or faint and if I don’t do eaither, I would proceed to do the world’s most awkwardly uncomfortable laugh/cry as these are generally my three go-to responses whenever I am thrust into a situation I am hopelessly unprepared for, such as a math test on logarithmic functions.

Once have I got my bearings and after having taken a million selfies with the Martian, I would embark on the telling of a story like no other. A story that no one but a human could believe.

I would tell them a story of a giant spinning rock, that is home to over 7.6 billion people and over 8.7 million species of animal. I would tell them about massive pyramids and humongous waterfalls, I would try my best to describe the colours of a butterfly’s wings, or the blue of

Western Australia’s crystal clear beaches, the same blue I see in the eyes of a husky named Bruce who always jogs by me in the mornings.

Words would tumble out of my mouth when I describe the feeling of racing on horseback through the Arabian desert, with the sticky heat on your back and the taste of freedom in your mouth. I would talk about starry skies under an African sky that is always accompanied by a hyenas cackle or a lion’s roar, a place of peace like no other. I would tell them about how when looking at the Northern lights, a person just forgets how to breathe because of the divine power a sight like that holds.

I would tell them about the adrenaline of a sports game. I would talk about art, music, poetry, books and movies about the earth-shattering beauty a human can create. I would tell them how tiny we all seem in comparison to the whole world, how seemingly insignificant, but then I would tell them about Joan of Arc, Nelson Mandela and Shaikh Zayed and they would realise how one person could change the world.

They would be awestruck in all the beauty and love they find here on Earth but then I would also be forced to tell them how a human can destroy. About our endangered species, and our endangered people. About the wars that have torn us apart. I would tell them that all this beauty and all this good will be for nothing if we can’t keep it.

Then, finally, I would ask the Martian a question, “How do I get people to see the beauty in this world, the same way I do?”

Samantha Loomes, Grade 11, GEMS Dubai American Academy

My 3 favourite places in Dubai:
1. The beach:  There’s always an atmosphere, and fun.
2. The desert:  Perfect for watching the sun go down.
3. The Observatory on the 52nd floor of the Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites.

It’s more the healthier

Do you enjoy enough sports facilities?

Our school has a very robust sports activities programme. Students are encouraged to participate in any game of their choice, be it basketball, badminton, football, swimming, table tennis, cricket or athletics. 

We also have the option of taking part in morning games at 6am as well as during after- school hours. In addition to the state of the art facilities, a dedicated team of physical education instructors and coaches guide us through the development phase. 

Having said that, some of my friends who study in other schools do not enjoy such facilities.  Every school should have at least the basic sports facilities so that no child is denied an opportunity.  

What about my neighbourhood? In the area in which I live, where several other families who have children live,  there is not even a park. There is a large area however that is available after a used car showroom relocated and we have been hearing that a park and a jogging track are being planned. 

Corporates can also step in to support the government in expanding the number of sports facilities in residential areas.

Sports has the ability to bring together every segment of society and help make the entire nation healthy. A healthy society is a happy society.

Hannah Marie James, Grade 10, Delhi Private School Sharjah

My 3 favourite places in Sharjah:
1. Buhaira Corniche: Perfect for a jog while enjoying the breeze and listening to birds.
2. Al Khan Beach: Sun, sand and the water make it an ideal place for a swim.
3. Sharjah Desert Park: Great fun and plenty of learning. The Wildlife 

Centre, Lonely Planet, Natural History Museum, are all within walking distance.

Your gallery: say it with art

Syeda sketched the bearded man illustration after being challenged by her mother to reproduce the work of her cousin, who is a professional illustrator.

Syeda sketches using an ordinary pencil. She enjoys painting with water-based and poster colours, but she finds pencil art more convenient and attractive.

Syeda Arshad, Grade 11 student in Sharjah

My 3 favourite places in Sharjah:
1. Sahara Center : I love to go there because it has all of my favourite stores.
2. Sharjah Wildlife Centre: I enjoy looking at the diversity of animals there.
3. Sharjah Science Museum: I get to learn about science in a fun way.

More themes for November

1 In 50 years time, how will the world be according to you?

2 If you met a Martian, how would you describe planet Earth, its people and places?

3 Who is your role model? What are the five things you have learnt from that person?

4 What is your idea of being cool?

5 Who is more powerful: Those who talk or those who listen?

6 If you were a parent, would you allow your child to be on social media?

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