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It’s fair to say that the coronavirus has impacted a lot of senior student plans. A combination of safety concerns and travel uncertainty have seen large numbers of school leavers reassess plans to study abroad.

Of course, the growing stature of the UAE’s own universities has helped them become an attractive alternative to leaving home for distant shores of study. That’s why, with the aid of technology, Gulf News has partnered up with some of the country’s finest further-education centres to present Edufair.

This three-day virtual education fair where prospective students and their families can interact with faculties; compare and contrast degree, scholarship and admissions options; take part in webinars that track emerging higher-education trends; chat with career counsellors; and look into degree financing options.

The Gulf News Edufair allows students assessing their January options in the UAE to stay safe and save time, exploring this virtual environments from the comforts of their couch or desk. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Why study in the UAE?

For many years, UAE students seeking a high-quality education had to go abroad, usually to the West, if their families could afford it. However, the past couple of decades have seen a number of excellent institutions open their doors in the country. Be it academics, career opportunities, networking and extracurriculars such as the arts and sport, there’s little a student can’t do here if they set their mind to it.

GN Edufair
Gulf News Edufair will offer you everything you need to know about the details of study for various programmes, whether its admission requirements, specific modules or the cost of different degrees. Image Credit: Shutterstock

And those who want to still experience the international thrill of education will find many opportunities for transfers, be it for a single semester abroad or a couple of years.

Meanwhile, 2020 has made the idea of going abroad less attractive. Besides the fact that many countries aren’t handling the pandemic as well as the UAE, large numbers of UAE resident expats have shelved travel plans this year. You may be able to leave the country easily enough, but returning can be a tricky proposition, with ICA approvals and other hurdles potentially changing overnight to complicate return flights.

Gulf News Edufair

At the Gulf News Edufair, we’ve set up a virtual experience that encapsulates every aspect of the real-life education fair. Open your laptop, login and you’ll be able to move through a digital space that has everything you need within a few simple clicks.

There are webinars that discuss the growth of higher education in the UAE; options for financing a degree; scholarship opportunities; careers advice from different universities; employability; and postgraduate courses.

Participating higher education institutes are Heriot Watt University; University of Sharjah; Amity University Dubai; Westford University CollegeAmerican University in Dubai; Middlesex University; SP Jain School of Global Management; University of West London; Canadian University DubaiAbu Dhabi University; BITS Pilani Dubai; and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai.

Our strategic partner for the event is United Arab Emirates University; knowledge partner is the British Council and styling partner is SHEIN.

The event will offer you everything you need to know about the details of study for various programmes, whether its admission requirements, specific modules or the cost of different degrees. You’ll be able to chat with representatives from each university in real time and save their contact details if you’d like to chat after the fair.

If you’ve already looked into universities in the UAE and their programmes, the EduFair represents an ideal opportunity to raise any specific questions and concerns you may have through a virtual chat with university staff, be it a query about the minutiae of a particular course or information about their library.

Participation in Gulf News Edufair is free of charge but visitors must register in advance at Gnedufair.com.We’ve got another sweet surprise for you. Your favorite online fashion destination, SHEIN, also our styling partner, has an  exclusive offer for those who register for the event. Register now and avail the discount.

The Gulf News Edufair is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about going to university in the UAE. We hope to see you there.