Visitors exploring courses and degrees at Gulf News Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

Demand for degrees with a technological focus is gaining traction among students in the UAE, exhibitors participating at Gulf News Edufair 2023 revealed.

Most in-demand courses are computer science, cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI). “BSc and Msc in Cybersecurity and MSc in AI are the most sought-after programmes at our institute,” says Muhammed Suhail, Student Recruitment Coordinator, University of West London. “With new technologies like Chat GPT being released, careers and opportunities in IT are widening and evolving every day, and these degrees address that change.”

Whether it is in business, medicine or psychology, most universities in the UAE have introduced cutting-edge technological education as part of the degree.

“Our pharmacy, dentistry, and nursing programmes have a technology-focus,” says Atiq-ur-Rehman, Head of Administration and Marketing, RAK College of Dental Sciences.

Demand for business degrees remains strong among students in the UAE. “Our business degrees have always been popular with students. But with IoT development transforming all sectors, our new e-business programme has become highly sought-after,” says Mukhammad Masharipov, Student Recruitment - Junior Officer, Advancement Office, Canadian University Dubai. “After the pandemic, demand for our public health programme has also grown.”

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai’s new Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree is drawing students from diverse backgrounds.

“Most universities offer a BA in Psychology, but being a technology-oriented university, we offer a BS Psychology degree with a strong technology focus,” says Wala Al-Fares, Senior Students Enrollment Counselor, RIT.