Got school assignments that require a lot of printing? Image Credit: Shutterstock

The situation is familiar enough to anyone who has been around school students. Late on a Saturday evening, as the family readies for the week ahead, one child suddenly remembers he needs to submit an assignment first thing in the morning. After a suitable amount of hand-wringing, it turns out he’s got everything he needs ready to go saved on Google Drive.

The only hitch is that 100 pages need to be printed out and photocopied four times over. Having the right printer means it can handle everything from printing school assignments and photos to acting as your own personal photocopier.

HP’s Ink Tank range of printers aimed at families and students solve one issue: the need to print volumes of pages without going out of ink. It is designed to address the evolving needs of today’s consumers with their ability to quickly print crisp text and fade-resistant photos via a wireless mobile connection. Here’s why this is the perfect printer for you:

Print all you want

With a reliable, spill-free ink system, the Ink Tank 315 and the Ink Tank WL 415 are capable of printing 8,000 colour pages and 15,000 black printouts, the highest in the market, with no reduction in quality. You can print thousands of pages with the new high-capacity ink tank system. HP's ink bottles are the perfect match for high-volume printing and let you replenish ink when it’s convenient for you.

HP's ink-tank printers print 8,000 colour pages and 15,000 black printouts Image Credit: Supplied

Quality of print

HP’s sound tech credentials ensure that these devices’ exceptional quality is never compromised, even after thousands of pages have been printed. Each printed page produces darker, sharper text, fade-resistant photos, and documents that last up to 22 times longer – so those half-term pictures remain fresh for years. Photos, in particular, aren’t just lab quality – HP’s PhotoFix helps you to lift and edit each photo for stellar results.

Cheapest cost per page

Perhaps most valuable for the budget-conscious, these hassle-free ink trays are among a host of new features that make the new HP printers the cheapest to operate in the market. The Ink Tank 315 and the Ink Tank WL 415 offer a lower per-page cost than before because of their high-capacity ink tanks, while additional replaceable print heads, automatic valve technology and HP’s own Ink Advantage system are just some of the benefits of the new range.

The high-capacity tanks means you will not run of ink for two years Image Credit: Supplied

No need to refill

The sky-high price of printer ink has been well documented, but rest assured with HP's new Ink Tank printers. The high-capacity tanks means you will not run of ink for two years, allowing you to print thousands of pages without the need to refill or buy a new cartridge.

Bring memories to life

Like to get creative with your photos? With HP Photo Creations pre-loaded, you can easily create photo books, calendars, collages, greeting cards keepsakes with just a few mouse clicks. Pick and choose from more than 1,800 high quality artwork templates, custom fonts, borders, and dozens of photo editing tools.

Smart app

With the HP Smart App, printing is easier than ever. Built-in Wi-Fi Direct and wireless connectivity ensure universal accessibility without physical limitations such as cumbersome cables. So whether it’s hard copies of vacation photos from an old Instagram post or documents that need to be stored in the cloud, you can operate the Ink Tank printers from your tablet or smartphone, printing and scanning while on the go, and easily order ink as and when required. Both printers are compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android, Windows 8, or Windows 10, as well as iPhones and iPads using AirPrint.

Built-in Wi-Fi Direct and wireless connectivity ensure universal accessibility Image Credit: Supplied

No mess, no waste

When the Ink Tank printers do run out of ink, replacing them is easier than ever. With HP’s innovative spill-free refill method, new ink bottles can be conveniently plugged into the respective tanks without need for complex cartridge replacement operations, and without messes or spillage. By using resealable bottles, the practical and child-friendly system minimises wastage. The transparent ink tanks make it easy to see when the ink needs topping up and a refill can be ordered instantly via the HP Smart App.