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A study titled Creating Future Ready Universities: The Indian Context, published by the Association of Indian Universities in New Delhi, India, and that talks about the changes being wrought on the higher education landscape and expedited by the advent of the pandemic, holds relevance for the UAE and global higher education sector.

Accelerating changes in the field of Information Technology, it states is leading to faster and profound changes in the social and cultural milieu globally, necessitating higher education to keep pace with emerging trends and prepare students for life in the expected as well as unexpected future reality.

The trend indicates that the future world will be technology dominated, interconnected and perhaps, stressed for natural resources. Higher education, post Covid would be an entirely different world with students having access to multiple many online resources.

Universities in the UAE are not unaware of this, and are in fact cued towards making their course and programme offerings matter to students in efforts to prep them to be future ready.

Build to thrive in the technology age

Speaking to GN Focus, Xavier Duran Martinez, Director, MBA Programmes, Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS), The University of Manchester, reveals that the premier education institution is doing what it takes to build socially responsible graduates for the technology age.

“At Alliance MBS, we produce creative, resilient and socially-responsibly graduates who will thrive in the technological age,” says Martinez, continuing, “We continuously update our curriculum to ensure it focuses on the business challenges they will face as a leader, now and in the future. Students learn to navigate uncertainty and confidently take on complex challenges, in this once-in-a-lifetime learning journey.

“The University aims to help students build fulfilling, rewarding and sustainable careers, making a positive impact on their companies, organisations and communities. This entails a commitment to lifelong learning through an ongoing alumni relationship with the University, with opportunities to re-skill or upskill as their careers progress.”

Data science in demand

Education institutions of note such as Lincoln University Business Management (LUBM) are also focusing on areas that would help students engage in and help them be ready for the workplace of the future.

Meghavi Banerjee, Director – Strategic Alliances, LUBM, believes data science holds immense relevance for a reason, for those looking to prep for future workplaces

Meghavi Banerjee

“In my opinion, one of the fastest-growing fields across the globe is data science. Furthermore, a student can focus on entrepreneurship, artificial Intelligence and mon-technical or soft skills too,” says Banerjee.

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of humanity across nearly every industry whereas, entrepreneurship and innovation are helping individuals become independent and channel their creativity into creating something of their own in the competitive market, reveals Banerjee.

“I encourage each individual to attend various available seminars to develop their skills like agility and adaptability, critical thinking and problem-solving, initiative and entrepreneurialism,” says Banerjee.

It is advice that’s expected to stand the student community in the UAE in good stead as individual members initiate their journey to move in and succeed in the future workplace.