Future of work
Amanda Fernandes, Manager – Careers and Employability Services, Middlesex, Dr. Sudhindra Shamanna, Academic President, Manipal, Mehrdad Mohasses, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Amity University and moderator Varun Jain, Founder CEO UniHawk during a panel discussion 'The future of work: Job market trends and emerging career opportunities' on the opening day of Sixth edition of Gulf News Edufair in Dubai Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

In an era characterised by rapid technological advancements and shifting socio-economic landscapes, the trajectory of the global job market stands at a crossroads. To navigate the evolving demands of tomorrow's workforce, industry experts congregated for a thought-provoking session titled "The Future of Work: Job Market Trends and Emerging Career Opportunities" at Gulf News Edufair 2024 at the H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The session was moderated by Varun Jain, CEO of UniHawk.

Mehrdad Mohasses, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Amity University Dubai, said, "You may have a dream job in mind, but you might not end up there, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Your interests, knowledge, and spirit evolve over time, and you eventually find what you're meant to do."

Dr. Sudhindra Shamanna, the Academic President of Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai, echoed the sentiment of adaptation in education, expressing, "In our classrooms, we're shifting from traditional lectures to facilitating learning. We're not just teaching facts; we're teaching students how to learn and continuously seek new knowledge."

Amanda Fernandes, Manager of Careers and Employability Services at Middlesex University, emphasized the importance of resilience and adaptability in navigating career paths, stating, "For students who realize they want to change paths, we offer guidance on how to present themselves and leverage their skills in new ways. We also provide access to networks where they can find opportunities. Rejection is part of the job search process, and we encourage students to see it as a normal part of finding the right fit."

In a world where agility and lifelong learning are paramount, panelists shed light on the dynamic nature of career development and the strategies needed to thrive in the ever-evolving job market.