My daughter is an aspiring architect and is planning on taking physics, art, information and communication technology, business, English (first language), mathematics (extended level) and environmental studies in high school. What are her chances of getting into colleges both in the UAE and abroad?
Nashwah Ahmad, via email

Your daughter should see if she has what it takes to become an architect. If she is meticulous about details, understands people, has the ability to analyse issues, is imaginative and thinks rationally, then this is the profession for her. She should also consider doing an internship in an architect's office.

For admission to architecture, universities are looking at numerical skills (such as those in maths- or science-based subjects) and discursive/analytic reasoning skills (those developed in subjects such as history or English). English, mathematics and physics are prerequisites. Computers and business studies tend to be helpful.

In the UK, her admission will be determined primarily by the grades she earns at high school.

A degree in architecture is normally a four- to five-year programme though some universities offer B.Arch split into a sandwich course, which means your daughter would study for three years, work for a year then return to college to complete the last two years. After some work experience she would then take an examination to register as an architect.

The admission process in the US is more of a holistic process and academic grades constitute only a portion of the entire application.

A successful application should be supported by SAT, extracurricular activities, recommendation and an essay. Each attribute is equally important for admission purposes. The B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) is a five-year programme in the US. After obtaining the degree and internship experience your daughter would need to do a professional examination with the professional state licensing and then register as an architect.

Many schools in the US also offer the ‘'four plus two'' model. Students under this system study for four years and get an unaccredited degree after which they pursue a two-year Masters of Architecture programme.

In the UAE, the American University of Sharjah offers B.Arch. and is accredited by the US National Accrediting Board.