Early years education helps children develop some of the vital skills necessary for success in various aspects of life Image Credit: Supplied

Huda Alshaikhli, Parent, Chubby Cheeks Nursery

Huda Alshaikhli Image Credit: Supplied

My child Raya has become organised after starting the nursery. She has also become social, making new friends. The nursery conducts many activities to enhance the learning and development of children. She is very happy and looks forward to going to the nursery.

Noora Nasser Al Janahi, Parent, Safa Early Learning Centre

Noora Nasser Al Janahi Image Credit: Supplied

Since I attended Safa Elc in 1989, I didn’t think twice before bringing my son to the place where my academic journey started. Safa ELC is a family-run school and has the same management since its inception. This was the best choice that my parents made for me and now it is my son’s turn to get the best in life.

You really cannot describe the passion and love that the teachers at Safa ELC have. The well-constructed workshops provide children with specific, up-to-date skills, knowledge and inspiration necessary for success in the early years. Two of the best things about them are having a mentor with industry experience to guide them through their education journey, and the amazing workshops and discussions that they organise regularly at the nursery. I am thrilled to see the way my child has started to put things that he has learnt at the nursery, into practice.

Aneela Hassnain, Parent, Yellow Brick Road Nursery (YBRN)

Aneela Hassnain Image Credit: Supplied

My older daughter was at Yellow Brick Road Nursery and I, currently, have my three-year-old attending it and soon my infant daughter will also join the YBRN family. It has been a great journey over the past few years and the nursery team is indeed our extended family

I love observing the way my daughter has so easily learnt to share her toys with others and make new friends. My child can communicate her every need and is very independent. My older daughter was also a YBRN baby and graduated after attending the FS1 class. Thanks to the nursery’s academic programme, she is now fluent for her age in English, Arabic, Mandarin and her mother tongue. As a parent I appreciate that the YBRN team has instilled the love for learning in my children. They enjoy the natural, eco-friendly learning environment at the nursery, packed with interesting and open-ended learning resources.

Mario Martinez and Diana Tovar, Parents, Masterminds Nursery & Kindergarten

Mario Martinez and Diana Tovar Image Credit: Supplied

It is truly remarkable how proper stimulation can have such a positive effect on a child. It is a true blessing for my child to have the chance of joining Masterminds, as his progress has been unbelievable. He looks way ahead of other children and it’s not just for the fact that he speaks four languages or is able to read, write and do math at the age of 3; the unique early learning methodology from Masterminds has helped him set very strong building blocks, which he now uses to acquire new knowledge and skills even beyond what he learns at the school.

Teachers at Masterminds help make learning fun. We are firm believers that learning would be difficult without fun. The daily smile on his face, his excitement on telling us how much fun he had each day and the very evident development give us total confidence that there is no better place for him than Masterminds.

Farhan Hanif, Parent, American School of Dubai (ASD)

Farhan lead
Farhan Hanif Image Credit: Supplied

As part of the early learning programme at ASD, both my children, Aeisha and Mohammed, were able to develop a number of competencies; including healthy eating habits, curiosity towards learning, and creative expression via art and music/movement. These are alongside the traditional skills of literacy, mathematical reasoning, and social skills that are inherently part of the programme.

The programme at ASD is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, which focuses on the development of essential skills via a number of play-based provocations within the classroom space. Similarly, a regular day consists of several exploration times, where children are free to move around the classroom and pick their own activity. The teaching is carried out in a very non-traditional, child-specific manner.

The fluidity of learning spaces at ASD really enables children to make their own decisions and take ownership of their learning.

Hayfa Patel, Parent, British Orchard Nursery (BON)

Hayfa Patel Image Credit: Supplied

I can attest that BON has been a great help to our son and family. It has welcomed us with open arms as we settled down in Dubai. In just a few weeks, it has been clear that the teaching and facilities are world-class. It’s been fantastic to see the growth and confidence that has been instilled in our child. With regards to the curriculum and extra activities, my son Reyan is in place and he is thriving.

Yousuf Al Bastaki and Tahliah Darke, Parents, Kids World

Yousuf Al Bastaki and Tahliah Darke Image Credit: Supplied

I love the Montessori curriculum followed at the nursery. Here, the teacher doesn’t stand in front of students delivering the same information to 20 children while trying to keep everyone on the same page. Instead, the teacher moves around the room working with students, either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups, allowing them to take ownership of their work — a critical element in fostering each child’s natural desire for learning.

Montessori is the best method of schooling that I have found for my daughter, helping her to develop qualities like independence, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership. She learns this while pursuing academics and building a lifetime love of learning.

Jeff Price, Parent, Jebel Ali Village Nursery (JAVN)

Jeff Price Image Credit: Supplied

Both of our children attended Jebel Ali Village Nursery. With 10 years age difference between the sister and brother, we were fortunate enough to experience two different JAVN branches. Our daughter attended the original site in Jebel Ali Village, while our son made friends at JAVN at Discovery Gardens. One thing that both our children have in common is that both their best friends are from Jebel Ali Village Nursery. Both the kids made lots of friends at the nursery, they loved their teachers very much and were always so happy to go to nursery. Whether they had splash time in the paddling pools or were busy painting and making handprints to bring home, they would always smile when we said ‘it’s time to go to nursery.’

Garry Craney, Parent, Blossom Early Learning Centre

Garry Craney Image Credit: Supplied

Harry has made tremendous cognitive development since joining Blossom. His vocabulary range is now tremendous, and we accredit this to the hard work and outstanding teaching and learning applied in his EYFS curriculum. His counting skills, empathy and reasoning have also made pleasing development since his time at Blossom and we value the time and effort that goes into the personalised learning opportunities provided for Harry.

Harry is developing into a confident, honest, polite, respectful and articulate young man and we can only thank the dedicated team at Blossom for their continued support in his educational journey.

Joumana Haddad, Parent, Blossom Marina

Lead Joumana
Joumana Haddad Image Credit: Supplied

Early learning helped my child Isabella Abou-Jaoude in social skills where she feels comfortable with the outside world, meeting new people and not getting too shy to interact with other kids and adults. Another skill my child acquired was the fine motor skill.

The nursery staff and teachers at Blossom Marina have helped my child in providing self-help learning and life-skill development. Both structured and non-structured activities are provided and this has helped in fostering an environment and hosting activities where learning happens all day.