Bhavya Shylaja Suresh
Bhavya Shylaja Suresh Image Credit: Supplied

Bhavya Shylaja Suresh, Grade 10, New Indian Model School, Dubai

The best lessons I have learnt from reading books are:

1. Friendship.

2. You are not alone in your grief.

3. How to stand for something and not fall for everything.

4. To embrace who I am.

5. To not judge another before knowing their story.

6. How and when to ask deep questions.

7. Imagine.

8. Failure is an option.

9. Emotions make us humans.

10. No one is perfect.

11. How to love.

12. There are two sides to every story.

13. Age is just a number.

14. True strengths carry no weight.

There are dozens of more but these are the most poignant lessons for me.

If only people would embrace the lessons that our books have to offer and seek more lessons, we just may find ourselves residing in a world that has elevated itself for the better.