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As one of the top universities in the UAE, Ajman University (AU) has carved a niche for itself with its refreshing approach to education, academic rigor, thoughtfully designed and innovative courses, diverse world class faculty and student cohorts drawn from over 70 countries worldwide.

AU is ranked among the top six universities in the UAE, and among the leading 651-700 institutions globally, as per the latest QS World University Rankings 2023. This is a rare distinction enjoyed by less than 2.25 per cent of the universities globally. The icing on the cake is AU’s stellar employer reputation, for which it is ranked second best in the UAE among private universities and third best among all UAE-based universities. So, a degree from AU can get you top of the mind recall from employers, helping you land that dream job you have always coveted!

So, what makes AU special vis-à-vis the competition?

Focus on technology and entrepreneurship

AU was among the first universities in the UAE to offer a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics, proving it’s ahead of the game when it comes to new trends and technologies.

Ajman University for web
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It is also one of the few universities to put a strong focus on entrepreneurship, which is evident from the fact that AU’s Innovation Center has incubated more than 115 innovative start-ups so far, with a combined revenue of more than Dh4.8 million. Each AU graduate, regardless of the academic stream they belong to, brings unique self-leadership skills thanks to the strong focus on entrepreneurial leadership.

AU blends technology seamlessly into its 22 undergraduate and 13 graduate programmes to offer the latest, most advanced higher education in both tech and non-tech fields.

A trend-setter in humanities and art

Whether its art, architecture or humanities, AU not only offers the best higher education degrees but is also a trendsetter. AU recently became the first university in the Gulf region to host the UNESCO Art Camp Andorra, a globally renowned UNESCO art event aimed at bridging inter-racial divides through the medium of art.

It is such unique perspectives borne out of global events that make AU’s programs across Mass Communications, Architecture and Design, and other academic streams globally competitive.

Engineering degrees that put you on the global stage

Literally! AU’s Electrical Engineering programme offers 3+2 pathways to joint dual degrees with global universities in the USA and UK. So you can complete a Bachelor’s at AU and a Masters at one of their partner institutes in the US or UK in just under 5 years. This not only saves you a year, but also is more economical in terms of long-term saving on tuition fees. What’s more you get two globally competitive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, opening up global job opportunities in the field.

Among the best in Business

Ajman University College of Business Administration holds the prestigious AACSB International accreditation, one of the largest and most specialised business-school accreditations in the academic world.

Less than 6 per cent of the world's business schools hold AACSB accreditation. AU is 1 of only 10 universities in the UAE – and only 1 of 5 with a doctorate programme – to claim this distinction.

Practical experience that counts

Courses like Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy among others require practical skills and experience for students to succeed as professionals in the real world. AU’s linkages with leading healthcare institutions and hospitals in the region, as well as its in-house facilities such as the dental clinic ensure that students get the opportunity to practice skills they learn in a real-world setting before being exposed to the outside world. This enables them to learn and practice in a safe, guided environment ensuring they come out as well-trained professionals ready to take on senior positions across the healthcare industry as well as the public sector.

Emphasis on well-rounded education

All work and no play makes one dull, as they say. AU’s emphasis is on developing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically brilliant but also socially responsible individuals who understand their larger role in society as citizens and professionals. AU’s various sustainable initiatives encourage students to give back to society in a number of ways, especially in helping the underprivileged and finding new and innovative ways to care for the environment. What’s more, their exciting, sustainable campus features state-of-the-art student residences, sports facilities and other amenities that promise a thrilling campus life.

If you’re excited about joining AU as a student, check out the variety of their Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree programs across academic streams and apply now.