Tom Crombie Image Credit: Supplied

As any parent knows, being able to give your child the best possible start in life is a priority. Education and the right choices are a key part of that.

Having qualified and worked as a teacher across the globe, I’ve seen first-hand how much parents and children alike enjoy and benefit from engaged teachers, personal investment in pupil development and a school that encourages and wants the best.

Witnessing how highly British education is regarded across the world and influenced by my experiences overseas, I set out to launch a new education model that provided every child with access to a top-quality British education, which I believe is best in class.

To build this model I needed an alternative route that didn’t involve bricks and mortar and rigid timetables. I wanted to push boundaries and prove that remote learning could provide all the necessary components for a rounded education, achieving the standards and grades for a global world.

My Online Schooling was born in 2016 and our first intake of pupils arrived in September 2017. Two years later we expanded internationally to Australia and have continued to grow from strength to strength, with many recently enrolling from the UAE and wider Gulf region.

Much in the same way that adults have adapted to a new remote way of working, children from all corners of the globe have been able to access the official UK National Curriculum.

As for the benefits, the results speak for themselves. Our current 1,000+ students in 80 countries are offered an unparalleled education, flexible scheduling and the ability to choose their own environment. They are taught self-discipline, responsibility, self-motivation, time management skills and above all their differences are embraced.

Join us at our virtual event, Accessing British Education in the Gulf Region, on November 11th at 18:00 Dubai time to learn more about the changing model of education: