Dubai: Zayed University will welcome 323 new students during their spring orientation week, starting in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, and Dubai on Thursday.

Attendees will engage in the ‘Ya Hala’ programme, which will give them a comprehensive understanding of the university and a chance to acclimatise to campus life.

Abu Dhabi will see 195 students, including 121 female and 74 male enrol, while the Dubai campus welcomes 128 female students.

Zayed University offers undergraduate students 23 academic programmes that qualify them to graduate and enter the UAE labour market and excel in various fields, such as administration, business, mass media, education, information technology, humanities and social sciences, natural and health sciences, arts and design.

Five of its seven faculties have obtained international academic accreditation in their respective disciplines, which shows that the university achieves the highest international standards required by the academic organisations.