NEMA Education announces on Wednesdat the launch of Liwa College as its new higher education institution in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: NEMA

Abu Dhabi: Following the merger of of Al-Khwarizmi International College and Liwa College of Technology, NEMA Education yesterday announced the launch of Liwa College as its new higher education institution in Abu Dhabi. Strategically located in the heart of the Emirate, the new institution features five advanced colleges offering 25 specialised academic programmes in the fields of engineering, administration, health, media, and information technology among other disciplines.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure including 35 applied laboratories, Liwa College ensures compliance with international standards, while an esteemed faculty team of over 100 members with exceptional academic competencies, recruited from prestigious international universities have been recruited to enhance the quality of education at the new college and contribute to the progress and development of higher education in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

National identity

On this occasion, Dr. Ali Saeed bin Harmal Aldhaheri, Chairman of NEMA Education, said: “Inspired by the directives of our wise leadership to further enhance our academic institutions, Liwa College represents NEMA Education’s pride in our national identity. The new college will prioritise scientific research and projects that align with the National Strategy for Higher Education 2030, and will introduce new academic disciplines to meet the demands of the labour market.

“Our goal is to create an educational environment that encourages creativity and leadership among students. To facilitate this, we offer flexible class schedules, including morning and evening shifts, as well as weekend options. This allows all students, particularly those working in the morning, to complete their studies effectively.”

The merger

Liwa College aims to enhance the education system in Abu Dhabi and the country as a whole. The merger of the two colleges marks a significant milestone in academic excellence, reinforcing the directives of the Ministry of Education and those of its Commission for Academic Accreditation regarding the quality of education. By offering a variety of programmes and disciplines across its branches in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Liwa College contributes to various vital sectors in the Emirate and the country while sustaining the competitiveness of the higher education sector.

Following the merger, Liwa College has harmonised tuition structures for the academic year 2023-24 and has invested in infrastructure improvements and student support at all levels. The main campus in Abu Dhabi will also inaugurate a new Student Services Centre in September, and students will have access to enhanced scholarships and financial aid programs.